Austin, Texas-based band Grivo have announced their debut record Elude, due out on November 16th via Holodeck Records. Additionally, we’re honored to premiere the stunning, glitched-out video for pk-callout single “Burnout,” the debut video by fashion photography collective Essentials Creative.

Channeling the pummeling heat of Texas into slow, dreamy textures, Grivo strike a chord that strikes true for fans of Catherine Wheel, Alcest, Lycia, and those continually searching for fresh waves of mournful atmosphere. The three piece band consists of brothers and lifelong musical partners Timothy and Matthew Heck (vocals/guitar and drums, respectfully) and bassist Ricardo Tejeda, and it’s impressive to consider that such a warm, full spectrum can be achieved by three musicians, a true testament to Grivo’s sonic mastery.

Elude consists of nine burning embers, each track chock full of powerful low end and carefully calculated guitars. The album was recorded and produced by Robert Williams and mastered by Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv) and will be available on both limited edition LP and cassette. Regarding the hazy, layered video for “Burnout,” director Fabian Leon Villa has this to add:

Inspired by fashion films, collage, and de-collage textures, this music video is intended to be a non-narrative optical experience layered and glitched to give the desired effect of ‘burning out’ to express pain and grief. Thank you to Grivo and Holodeck Records for giving me this opportunity to make a moody video, and for the endless editing sessions where I get to learn more about the music. And Special Thank You to all collaborators involved in the making.

Check out the full tracklisting and purchasing details below:

Grivo- Elude
1. HDC
2. Render
3. Burnout
4. Opia
5. Cave
6. Sonder
7. C.A.
8. Elude
9. Room

Pre-order LP and cassette via Holodeck Records.

Photo by Essentials Creative.

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