Augsburg Germany’s Young and Cold Festival is celebrating 5 years of existence and this year will be held in 3 locations over 3 days! The Thursday Soho Stage and Friday Ballonfabrik Augsburg are already sold out… But the Young and Cold Crew have put in loads of effort for the grand finale on Saturday at Kantine Augsburg—bringing unknown and well known musicians to the minimal wave scene. Including The Arch from Belgium, Sudeten Creche from London, Kaelan Milkla from Iceland, Hante from Paris and Heute from Stuttgart!

Entry: 6 PM, bands start: 6.30 PM, DJ´s start around midnight
Location: Flammensaal
Presale: 22, – Euro. Purchase via [email protected], at DAS WIEßE LAMM, via KANTINE WEBSHOP or EVENTIM.
Box office: 25, – Euro, only-party: 7 €
Age Restriction:
Organizer: Leidenroth & Hallhuber GbR

After the live shows: Young and Cold Disko featuring DJ’s  from  Decadance (Italy), Gothic Pogo (Leipzig) and Deca Dance – Minimal Pop, Synth Wave, Cold Pop, Postpunk & more

Weltbar: Various merch booths with vinyl, cassettes, CDs & other stuff


The Arch (Belgium) >>> Gothic / Electrowave
The Arch already released twelve records and have been on a musical journey for already thirty years. The five musicians still create their own sound with energy-loaded post-rock guitars, atmospheric dark-wave elements and dynamic EBM impacts, with which everyone really gets their money spent properly. At the moment, the belgians are on tour with their new album “Fates”, with which they also be touring Augsburg.

Sudeten Creche (London) >>> Flexipop / Avantgarde Wave
Sudeten Creche was created as an artistic sound idea, which had to break the rules of the music with experimental sounds and tape loops, a mixture of human voice, radio noises and synthesizers. As true children of Andy Warhole, the commercial success of this band was never decisive for the british, but they were already successful in the mid-eighties. “Are Kisses Out Of Fashion” is still one of THE club hits at black partys.

Kælan Mikla (Iceland) >>> No Wave / Poetry Punk
fresh sound from Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city: Kaelan Mikla. Dark bass in contrast to awkward vocals served with cold synthesizer sounds – singing in icelandic language – let us hope for a bright future for this band. We can assume that these three young musicians will leave a big impression in the new scene. Recommended for fans of Tropic of Cancer or Monowelt.

Hante. (Paris) >>> Synth Wave / Cold Electro
Helene de Thoury should already be known of some of her former projects, like Minuite Machine and Phosphorus. Her modern synth-wave sound makes it possible to use a lot of pop-elements without losing the dark energy of her hymns. She brings her cool, synthetic and melancholic music on the stage alll by herself.

Heute (Stuttgart) >>> Minimal / Synth Wave
Heute are “der G.A.W.” (Georg Alfred Wittner) and “der Musikant” (Rolf Schobert) from Stuttgart area. With their raw, analog synth and sequencer sound, cold guitars and catchy lyrics about the maltreated soul of everyday life, these two exceptional artists had already achieved cult status in the late 80s. We are delighted to have them as the climax act of our fifth Young and Cold Festival in Augsburg.

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