Athenian post-punk trio Ghostland have unveiled their video for “Leave Behind”, a track featured on their debut LP Dances On Walls, released last December on French label Manic Depression Records.

The track is both simplistic and yet unapologetically melodic,  forged by Bassist Niko’s driving rhythms, the song quickly gives way to the icy cascade of guitarist Argyris expertly composed hooks—augmented by the fervent interjections of vocalist Makrina—all framed between two bright lights in a minimalistic black and white studio clip.

Though the synths are more illusive in “Leave Behind”, as compared to the album’s previous single “Lifeblood”, they finish out the song in a mesmerising reverie, adding atmosphere to the blurred and dreamlike feel of the striking visuals.

Watch the video below:

If you are in Athens tomorrow night, catch Ghostland supporting legendary German Darkwave group Pink Turns Blue live at Death Disco.

For those of us not in Greece however, pick up your copy of Dances On Walls here.

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