Goth band Astari Nite have unveiled their video for “Unfulfilled Promise”, one of their best tracks, included in the band’s Tom Shear (Assemblage 23) produced  album Midnight Conversations.

The video itself is fraught with meaning, reflecting the lyrical content of the song that spans the morose and forlorn topics of depression, loneliness, and grief.

The video, directed by Ileana Escalante & Louis Molden of Blind Beast, features Astari Nite’s trademark aesthetic, haunting and melancholic, blended with surrealistic scenarios that tap into the psyche of someone who is confronting their demons, and dealing with the aftermath of loss and death.

“Sadness and depression comes in many shades and colors. If you can see it, stop and take the time to help. Smiling at someone, or a simple hello, can save a life.”

The video, and the message it contains, comes at a time when the social spotlight is on the topics of depression and suicide, with several beloved musicians and iconic performers having taken their own lives in the last couple of years, it brings to light how many of the people we know and love in our daily lives deal with the despair that drives one to become destructive. Too often do people finally become aware of this despair after it is too late and the person afflicted is already gone.

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Astari Nite Live:

  • December 6th – Dance Macabre Festival: Gothic Rock Edition, Essen, Germany
  • December 7th – Dance Macabre Festival: Gothic Rock Edition, Hannover, Germany
  • December 8th – Dance Macabre Festival: Gothic Rock Edition, Hamburg, Germany

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