Following the music video for Lovesick, Astari Nite are premiering another track off of their Dreams of Majesty EP. The Girl Who Tried is a track that harkens back to the glory days of earl 90’s Goth dancefloors at London’s Slimelight, and The Bank in NYC.

“The Girl Who Tried is a song about regret and closure. It finalizes the story that we began in 2015 when we released The Boy Who Tried. When I close my eyes I picture someone praying while saying these words, however I have no clue if these prayers will ever be answered and by whom to say the least.” -M.G.

The “Dreams Of Majesty” EP is due out late this summer—Order The Girl Who Tried Here

Live Dates

August 19th – Gothic Dark Wave Festival, France
September 16th – Will’s Pub, Orlando. With Missfit Toys, J.A.S.O.N. and DJ Lavidicus
October 21st – Respectable Street, West Palm Beach. With Lords Of Acid, Combichisrt, Christian Death and more.
September 9th – Dreams of Majesty EP Release Party at The Kitchen at Churchill’s, Miami
November 25th – Tumbas Eternas Producciones VI Anniversary, Lima, Peru

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