We float through outer space, watch the stars erase
And I’d like to think you felt, the same for me

We hear the influences of Clan of Xymox, Placebo, NIN, and the Psychedelic Furs in their sound, which is also rife with their signature cinematic themes of the occult. The song also evokes that deranged darkness from Bowie’s 1. Outside, and Earthling, while serving as a soundtrack for a fever dream that pulls you into another dimension.

Reflecting on the filming of BOWIE IN DAYDREAMS, Mychael from Astari Nite muses:

“I felt it was very important for me to conjure my friends who I care for so much. I had this sort of cartoonish idea floating around for a bit that turned out to be a psychedelic nightmare if you will. Illena Frey once again (Videographer), made my thoughts flow naturally as she normally does. I tend to obsess over different periods of music, so here comes Astari Nite’s contributions to the ’90s, respectfully.”

Indeed, the video for the song, is a kinetic montage of ghoulish nightlife visions; the effect akin to when the fuzzy buzz of ‘E’s and wizz’ sours and twists into a downward spiral. The witching hour is nigh in this spooky nightclub, and it’s time for a reckoning.”

Watch the video for “Bowie In Daydreams” below:

Having performed alongside acts such as Peter Murphy, The Damned, Psychedelic Furs, Cold Cave, Vowws, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Modern English, and more, Astari Nite have established themselves as a staple of the international post-punk and gothic rock scene. Astari Nite have also made appearances at Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Absolution Festival, Murder of Crows, Out From the Shadows, Dark Side of the Con, and Gothic Dark Wave Festival in France.

Live Shows coming up in 2023:

  • January 14th – Riverside, California (The Concert Lounge)
  • March 17th- West Palm Beach, FL (Clan of Xymox and The Bellwether Syndicate)
  • May 13th– Portland, Oregon (Out from the Shadows festival)
  • July 29th– Louisville, Kentucky (Dark Castle Festival)

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