[dropcap]The[/dropcap] Berlin infused mantric litany of Ascetic’s second album Everything is Becoming speaks of metaphysical revelation in the exploration and interfacing of the “fleisch”. Today we are premiering the band’s artfully produced video for Atheism, which takes a unyielding look at aspects of our persona, self, and beliefs that perhaps question the notion of free will, and  perhaps argue for the deterministic worldview in Nietzsche’s Eternal Recurrence

August from Ascetic had this to say about Atheism and it’s theme, and relation to the album.

Atheism came out of a jam Saxon and I had in Friedrichshain, it feels like the bridge song between the two albums which is what a few reviews have similarly said, the lyric is this exploration of the idea of relinquishing beliefs, ‘Self-Initiation’ was written in a period of spiritual high, EIB came out of a period of intense living and physical transition, though some of the tracks were written in Australia they were all brought through this period and changed along the way, it seems glib to say the album is about change or transition as there isn’t a thing that is not. Atheism is about this realisation that your ‘God’, your ideology, your identity, if it has become a prison, that you are both the warden and the prisoner, that your are complicit in your slavery; that the only thing binding your chains is the belief that they exist.

The film clip plays out against the background of a Cronenbergian world of paranoia and prosthetic appendages, we worked with the guys from Ouroboros to create an abstracted narrative built on suggestive relationships, centered around these themes of futility, blind faith and the surrealism of existence.

Ouroboros is a creative direction and production partnership, founded by visual artists Jeremy Carne (UK) and Nikolas Kasinos (CY). They specialise in music videos, audio-visual experiences, performance & installation works. www.theouroboros.co.uk

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