London born and Berlin-based musician, visual artist, and dandy extraordinaire Mark Fernyhough has unveiled his epic new single “Divided Cities”. Fernyhough is known for his video work and photography, which been featured in Vice and Vogue, and his music is a favourite of Suede’s Brett Anderson, who has invited Fernyhough to open for the Britpop legends on several tours.

Following the release of his collection of songs the Berlin Archives, which was released last autumn, Fernyhough channels a sonic fusion of 80’s Roxy Music meets Berlin Era Depeche Mode in a video that whose star is the city of Berlin itself.

Of the new song, Fernyhough explains:

“Lyrically my song ‘Divided Cities’ references Goethe and encompasses the themes of borders, Brexit and The Berlin Wall. Meanwhile, its vampiric b-side ‘Edge of Town’, reflects on small town isolation – being stranded away from the action and fantasizing about the ghosts, decadence and demons which lurk within the darkness of the forest at the end of the garden. Small towns can be like prisons for the unconventional. When faced with mundanity – mystery, folklore and legend can be an enticing escape route.

I shot Divided Cities’ music video in Berlin and aimed to emphasize the scale of the buildings – how they purposely dwarf the city’s inhabitants. Berlin is interesting because it represents both freedom and its antithesis to the extreme. In addition to hypnotic French artist Camille Schaeffer, the video features my band of electro drummer Agata D’mon who joined me onstage as I supported Suede recently, and synth player Julia Runova.”

Watch the video for Divided Cities below:

And Listen to “Edge of Town”:

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