Anglo-Slovene musical trio, Kreda, a group devoted to experimental leftfield pop; bitter-sweet atmospheres and virtually spatialized sound-scapes that mirror the natural landscape of everyday drama and war-games.

Their EP “Crest” will be officially released next month, and leading up the release the group is unveiling today the music video for “Emotional Tides”, the beautiful and dreamy first single off of the EP, that floats like a wistful and melancholic and intimate daydream through Venetian canals while songstress Mina Špiler of Laibach and Melodrom lets her voice glide like silk through the eye of a needle, seamlessly weaving its spellbinding web.

“Emotional Tides” evokes a timeless narrative journey that the group describes as finding “greatness in normality and the acceptance of the historical burden as a metaphor for emotion in personal relationships.

Working directly from Atej Tutta’s stunning visuals, instead of the other way around, the group used the video to compose a sonic journey through the song utilizing binaural/ambisonic techniques to carry the listener through to a different time and place.

“Venice, the biggest scenography ever constructed, implies a moving point of view to see it’s integrity. We the viewer, out of this wholeness, must define the subject of our gaze to what concerns us. I present two choices: either the magnetic eyes or the background. What will prevail; intimacy or the public? From the audacity of ‘Like a Virgin’, we express our poesis through stillness which belongs to present time”
Atej Tutta — Director

Watch the video for “Emotional Tides” below:

Kreda’s EP “Crest” will be officially released on February 7, 2020, via Nature Scene Records.

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