It is with great sadness to report that Andy Gill, guitarist, producer, and songwriter for seminal post-punk band Gang of Four has passed away at the age of 64 from a respiratory illness.

Gill, who co-formed Gang of Four in 1976, is especially renowned for his jagged, angular, and tight bursts of guitar, a singular sound which has been incredibly influential since the band’s inception. Gill’s textures and feedback snarls defined much of the band’s trailblazing work, including classic albums Entertainment! and Solid Gold, as well as tracks such as “Anthrax,” “To Hell With Poverty!,” “Damaged Goods,” and “I Love a Man in Uniform,” the latter which became a classic UK dance hit in 1982.

While Gang of Four’s lineup has fluctuated several times over the last forty years, Gill has remained the only constant member, recording under the Gang of Four moniker for several post-80s albums. Gill and newer members of the band embarked upon their last tour in 2019, supporting latest album Happy Now. A US tour was cut short on the final night due to a similar respiratory illness, which found the band canceling at the last minute before taking the stage. Gill recovered after a short rest, and performed a series of final dates with the band in New Zealand in late 2019.

Aside from his work in Gang of Four, Gill was also known for his production work with bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, KIlling Joke, Therapy?, The Stranglers, The Jesus Lizard, and more.

Rest in peace Andy, you shall be missed…

Photo credit: c. 2016

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