Swedish synth-laden post-punk stalwarts Agent Side Grinder, with their autumn European tour currently underway, have revealed their video for “Inner Noises”.

The track is taken from the band’s fifth studio album A/X, featuring a new pared-down lineup with singer Emanuel Åström at the helm driving the alchemic rhythms and analog hardware with his boyish charm and resonate vocals that have transmuted the band’s sound into a new kind of darkness.

In the video for “Inner Noises” directed by Stefan Ekström/LFA FILM, Åström is assailed by disorienting green tinted lights, unsteady cameras, and kaleidoscopic visuals. The overall effect is not unlike eyes turning askew in a struggle to avoid dissociation and maintain coherency, all underscored by the synthesis of muffled yet jarring metallic bells and horns, that may require dancing in order to avoid the ensuing vertigo.

What the video for “Inner Noises” below:

A/X is out now via Progress Productions. Agent Side Grinder continue their tour tonight in Wroclaw Poland, and finish up the series of dates in Hamburg on November 2nd, with dates in Retie Belgium, and Moscow, Russia, before year’s end.

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