Musician and visual artist Lissa Benno is back with another video from her solo project Age Eternal.

This time it is the Lumi Lausas directed video for the track “Your Face Looks Different Tonight”, a visual exploration into textured surrealism that either encapsulates deep calm, or intense anxiety depending on the state of mind of the viewer. However—with music that evokes Cocteau Twins and their work with Harold Budd, we are betting on the former.

Benno describes “Your Face Looks Different Tonight” as being:

“A song about form and formlessness. Concepts, thoughts, society, places, experience, beauty, complexity, materiality. Emergence, transmutation and decay. Where Nothing lasts forever, and the essence is infinite.”

The song is featured on “Wash Away”—released last December through Third Coming Records (fr), Instruments Of Discipline (de), Premium Abundance (dk).

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