Age Eternal, the solo project of german musician and visual artist Lissa Benno, has followed the audio premiere of the track Saturn Knows I’m Here. with a lush and verdant daydream, swooning under foam white clouds overlaying an azure blue sky.

Since 2015, Benno has been diving into the subconscious to find her own musical language. With reverb-drenched guitars, hypnotic synths and ethereal vocals she creates a dreamy yet heavy haze. Her influences come from a wide variety of musical styles such as Ambient or Krautrock while she is also a loyal servant to pop-music and mysticism.

Dropout is featured on Lissa’s upcoming LP “Wash Away”—an album that is a meditation about change as an universal force that is both fulfilling and terrifying:“Wash Away”, out this December is being co-released by Third Coming Records (fr), Instruments Of Discipline (de), Premium Abundance (dk).

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And if you are in Berlin January 6th, there will be a release party for the record featuring RA and Dune Messiah—RSVP HERE


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