There appears to have been a trend to incorporate interpretative dance and ballet along with the Post-Punk music of the early 80s.  The most notable occurrence being that bizarre sand dunes performance of Bauhaus’ Hollow Hills, featuring Peter Murphy and his wife Beyhan.  

Another such production was done by theater designer Michael Pavelka for the Riverside Program in 1983. The project was a pilot for BBC2′s Riverside program based on Jean Cocteau’s ‘Les Enfants Terribles, featuring Robert Smith of The Cure in collaboration with Siouxsie and the Banshees’ Steven Severin.

The choice of Siamese Twins off of Pornography is quite interesting in this case, because in addition to Lol Tolhurst on drums, and Anne Stephenson and Gini Ball (ex-wife of David Ball and member of Marc and The Mambas) of The Venomettes on violins, Steven Severin is actually playing Bass on a song by The Cure, the only time this has ever occurred.


The Riverside Program also featured the Banshees Play at Home, as very as three performances by The Glove for the songs Punish Me With Kisses, Orgy, and A Blues in Drag.

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