[dropcap]The[/dropcap] hauntingly beautiful Tropic Of Cancer (aka Camella Lobo) has provided the opening track for the label Blackest Ever Black‘s 5th anniversary vinyl-only compilation, the solemnly entitled collection of songs “I Can’t Give You The Life You Want.”

The song in question is either catharsis or resignation—as is reflected in the long breath that almost instinctively follows the sigh of a title “I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over”. This seven minute long minimalist masterpiece is an analog to a warm chemical embrace—where it is not clear if the experience follows or coincides with a dream.

Photo by Suzy Poling

This is the first new song from Camella Lobo since 2013, and it precedes the new Tropic of Cancer EP due out this October. This upcoming EP could very well be an aurally phantasmagoric magnum opus, heralded by this current soft quaking of emotions.

“It’s a very personal song,” Lobo told The FADER via email. “I used to rush through the writing process instead of tending to ideas over a longer period of time. I’ve entered a period where I’m much more into taking my time with everything in general. I think this track reflects that.”

We at Post-Punk.com are eagerly awaiting seeing Tropic of Cancer live at the Blackest Ever Black 5th Anniversary concert at Berlin’s world famous nightclub Berghain on October 30th.

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