Following his surreal audio/visual presentation of “Wicked Game”, a cover of Chris Isaak’s 1989 track that was prevalent in David Lynch’s Wild at Heart, TWINS, the creative alter-ego of Atlanta producer Matt Weiner, is back with another sound and vision, this time for the ’80s infused EBM/Synth slumber party that is “Lie Awake”, the first track on his forthcoming second LP New Cold Dream.

“Lie Awake” is song brimming nervously with all the sonic creativity found in the work of Frank Tovey and Fad Gadget—though soaked in nostalgia, also modern and forward-thinking.

The video, seemingly a response to The Cure track suggesting “Let’s Go to Bed”, but with a visual language more akin to that of John Maus, shows how very difficult sleep can be when your mind tends to wander by mistake into the realms of anxiety and regret, leaving you twitching on your bed—sitting and prone.

“Lie Awake” is a song about all the thoughts that haunt me in the middle of the night as I toss and turn in a desperate attempt to get back to sleep for a brief respite from my inner voices which never seem to shut up. All the things I could have done differently, all the things I should have said, all the words that didn’t come to me in the right moment. All the beliefs necessary to feel confident in one’s actions. I never find them until I turn out all the lights.”

Watch the video for “Lie Awake” below:

On October 25th, TWINS will release his second LP New Cold Dream (via 2MR).

Here is some background info on the record, whose name is inspired by hit song by Simple Minds from the early 80s:

Duality, much like the name TWINS, is the overarching theme of New Cold Dream. Drawing off not only 80s music but 80s culture, this album mirrors that era in real-time. From mixing New Cold Dream during the coldest day in Chicago since 1985, to his lyrics analyzing how policies enforced during Reagan/Thatcher presidency are impacting our climate today, to mimicking Simples Minds 1982 hit New Gold Dream turning the meaning into something much darker, the 80s vs the 21st century are echoed, compared, and dissected throughout this record. TWINS finds the similarities in what appear to be opposites, and invites us to do the same. “I want people to feel moved; both moved to get up and move and also moved in a deeper sense of connecting with ideas that may not have made sense before,” Weiner says of his project. It’s music for contemplating while dancing, for letting go while you hold on tight. As we grow tired of a world that deals in extremes, we wake up to a new cold dream.

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