NYC’s Ghost Cop have just released their latest single “ACCELERATE,” backed with a futuristically stunning video. The track is the first preview of the duo’s long-awaited debut album, ONE WEIRD TRICK, due out November 9th.

“ACCELERATE” is a powerful slice of electronic pop, featuring a a commanding four-on-the-floor rhythm track, throbbing arpeggiators, icy synth leads, and Lucy Swope‘s ferocious vocals, which teeter between cool, seething delivery and powerful falsetto hooks. The video, directed by the band’s Sean Dack alternates between Swope, washed in a deep red hue, and swirling three-dimensional art, rendered by Philip Vanderhyden. Both the video and the track serve as a cautionary tale about a world careening out of control.

ONE WEIRD TRICK‘s physical release also features a 40-page zine containing original artwork, lyrics, and exclusive short micro-fictions by sci-fi author Tim Maughan, tying in directly with Ghost Cop’s nod towards the not-too-distant future and keeping the pulse on the ever-expanding genre. The album also features appearances from Gabriel Andruzzi (The Rapture), W Andrew Raposo (Midnight Magic), and Kim Boekbinder.

“ACCELERATE” is supplemented with a dubbed-out drum and bass remix of the track by STRIPPER™, which appears as a bonus track to ONE WEIRD TRICK. You get both tracks by pre-ordering the record now, and the rest will follow on the album’s release day on 11/9. Check out the album cover, tracklisting, and pre-order details for ONE WEIRD TRICK below:

1. Leaving the Plaza at Dawn (Part 1)
2. Accelerate
3. Enhance
4. Quiet Test
5. One Weird Trick
6. Approaching the City Limits (Part 2)
7. Forever and Never
8. Listen to the Sound
9. Lay Down
10. Shine
11. Accelerate STRIPPER™ Remix

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