Watch Some Ember’s Dreamy Synthpop Take on Pet Shop Boys’ “Love Comes Quickly” with Marisa Prietto

With the coming of Spring, the bleakness of winter gradually dissipates with the emergence of dainty crocuses and daffodils; amorous robins and doves select their partners and construct their abodes, and the weather transforms into a cozy embrace, sparking revitalization. It’s a season for revival, not just for nature – but also for the soul. The spellbinding aura of spring is woven into ceaseless vigor that courses through the air and our veins during Aries season: it arrives in the pledge of a new dawn; and in the opportunity to let go of the past. With each flower that blooms, fledgling in the nest, and sprouting tree blooms, the promise of new beginnings and the fervour of love grow ever stronger.

What better time, then, to release a cover of Pet Shop Boys’ “Love Comes Quickly”? Some Ember was up to the task, creating a beguiling version fairly faithful to the original, but with a bend all their own – namely a more sensuous crooning than the usual wry delivery expected of Neil Tennant’s signature sound. Marisa Prietto (Bizou) joins them on vocals with this dreamy, sexy incarnation.

The glitchy, lo-fi 80s-inspired video by Laura Callier (Gel Set) shows an intriguing performance. Watch below:

Some Ember has always operated with the goal of radical self-examination and self-confrontation. With this single, they take on the challenge of reinventing a classic, bringing it under a new light.

You can stream and order the single below. Sleeve artwork by Foie Graphics:

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Alice Teeple

Alice Teeple is a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. She is not in Tin Machine.

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