The Julies Return with Dreamy Post-Punk Dream-laden Single “Symmetry” — Their First New Music in Over 25 years

We’re lazy eyes and crooked teeth

We’re heavy hearts and broken dreams

Symmetry isn’t everything

After nearly three decades of silence, acclaimed American indie/alt-rock act, The Julies, have announced their return with a brand new single, “Symmetry.” This musical venture marks their first bout of fresh material since their acclaimed 1996 EP, “Lovelife.

In “Symmetry,” The Julies deftly weave a sonically rich tapestry, echoing the hues of ’80s post-punk, new wave, blending seamlessly with undertones of ’90s shoegaze, indie rock, and Britpop. Listeners might discern hints of the Eels, Elbow, and the Maccabees embedded within the layers of their music. The track unfolds as a luxuriously sprawling journey, radiating an unabashed warmth – its core message resting on the notion that perfection is found not in the pursuit of flawlessness, but in the acceptance and celebration of our individual quirks and idiosyncrasies.

To that point, the song is intentionally invitational. “It’s kind of our ‘calling all misfits’ song,” says vocalist Chris Newkirk. “We grew up on bands that embodied the outsider persona, and as fans we always found community in our shared wonder of their work. It just felt important to celebrate that motivation to make and share music right out of the reunion gate.”

Complementing the release, The Julies have curated their maiden lyric video, masterfully shot and edited by visual maestro, Joey Joseph. The accompanying visuals present an ethereal montage of blurred floral imagery, adding a tactile layer to the rich auditory experience. Dive into this glorious revival by watching the video for “Symmetry” below:

Propelled by the distinct reverberations of their ’90s guitars, a poignant echo of their shared history, “Symmetry” presents to enduring supporters a glimpse into the once disrupted journey, while concurrently welcoming a new generation into the distinctive sound world of The Julies. Consistently fusing the gritty undertones of ’80s post-punk and new wave with the enveloping resonance of ’90s shoegaze and indie rock, The Julies persist in composing a soundscape that is truly distinct and unmistakably theirs.

Though not a full-scale reunion, The Julies’ revival showcases three of the original quintet – crucially, guitarists Alex Yost and Pat Zbyszewski, whose deft guitar craftsmanship effortlessly creates harmonious synchronicities. In “Symmetry,” it becomes evident that the guitars bear not only the responsibility of defining the band’s signature soundscape but also, now, of leading the narrative of their songs. It’s the intriguing paradox of the familiar yet evolved sequel – an irresistible proposition that always manages to captivate the listeners.

“Symmetry” is streaming now, check out and purchase the single here:

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