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TERMINUS Festival Announces 2023 Lineup with Nitzer Ebb, Beborn Beton, SRSQ, Ultra Sunn, Harsh Symmetry, Spike Hellis, Patriarchy, and More!

Embark on an enthralling exploration of avant-garde underground music artistry at this year’s highly anticipated TERMINUS Festival, returning triumphantly to the vibrant city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, from July 27-30, 2023. This year’s fest showcases some of the best and most innovative industrial, darkwave, and post-punk acts in the scene today.

Headlining the festival are EBM music titans Nitzer Ebb, and synth-pop luminaries Beborn Beton, with the lineup rounded out with a well-curated assortment of newer talents, including the ethereal SRSQ, Swedish synth-pop duo Ashbury Heights, hypnotic NNHMN, Ultra Sunn, Spike Hellis, Patriarchy, and many more.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary celebration of cutting-edge music. For more information and to secure your tickets when they become available, visit

Here are a few acts to check out while lurking about Calgary during this year’s festival:

Beborn Beton

Behold the exquisite sounds of this legendary German synthpop band, born in 1989 from the inspired minds of vocalist Stefan Netschio, keyboard player and drummer Stefan Tillmann, and keyboard player Michael Wagner. With their debut album Tybalt, released in 1993, the band cemented their place in the annals of electronic music history, drawing upon the best tracks from their first three years together to create a timeless masterpiece that was met with resounding acclaim and adoration from fans and critics alike. With a sound that is both evocative and enchanting, this band continues to captivate listeners around the globe.


SRSQ (aka Kennedy Ashlyn)’s unique songwriting turns her private struggles and sorrows into stirring, redemptive anthems. Her multi-octave range embodies tempest and triumph, the darkest nights breaking into brightest dawns, proving her a musician of elemental force.

Ultra Sunn

Hailing from the heart of Brussels, this post-punk/electro duo formed in 2019 by Sam Hugé (Fantøme) and Gaelle Souflet. Together, they create a captivating sound that combines Sam’s deep and resonant vocals with Gaelle’s meticulously crafted analogue synthesizers and industrial drum machines. As astute observers of the world around them, this dynamic duo creates pulsating, luminous, and hypnotic anthems that tackle important topics such as gender equality, self-improvement, combating street harassment, and fighting against anxiety, all imbued with a potently positive energy.

Harsh Symmetry

Emerging from the depths of Sacramento, California comes the hauntingly beautiful sounds of Harsh Symmetry, the ethereal darkwave project of the gifted musician Julian Sharwarko. With a unique sound that blends nostalgia and revivalism, Sharwarko’s spellbinding electronic compositions conjure up a mood of melancholic gloom. Reminiscent of legendary artists such as Dave Gahan, Cinder, Julian Cope, and Human League’s Phil Oakey, Sharwarko’s mournful vocals take center stage, weaving a mesmerizing sonic tapestry that will leave you spellbound.


Patriarchy, hailing from the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, break down the age-old societal barriers that have held us back for far too long. Their music revels in the eerie and unsettling, delving into the deepest depths of the human psyche. With their fierce, uncompromising sound, Patriarchy leaves an indelible mark on the listener, challenging them to confront the darkness that lurks within and embrace the weirdness that sets us free.

Spike Hellis

Prepare to be blown away by the phenomenal sounds of Spike Hellis, an electrifying EBM duo from Los Angeles. Comprised of Cortland Gibson and Elaine Chang, their old-school style is a force to be reckoned with, channeling the darkest recesses of the human psyche and spreading their gospel of disenchantment and sarcasm far and wide. With a sound that is both blistering and unrelenting, Spike Hellis announces their arrival with a sense of urgency and conviction.

The lineup for TERMINUS Festival 2023 also includes:

  • Nitzer Ebb
  • Backxwash
  • Ashbury Heights
  • Vision Video
  • iVardensphere
  • Nox Novacula
  • Home Front
  • Klack
  • Grabyourface
  • Syzygyx
  • Xibling
  • GenCAB
  • Daat
  • Damascus Knives
  • Null Device
  • Total Chroma
  • Uncanny Valley + Poltergeist
  • Evil Tongues
  • Wants

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