Synthpop Duo Static Phantoms Debut Shimming New Single “Something Bright”

During the pandemic’s enforced solitude, Dedric Moore (Monta, Gemini Revolution, The Republic Tigers) and Krysztof Nemeth (Emmaline Twist, Monta) found a silver lining. They took a deep dive into the anxiety-laden New Wave music that characterized the 1980s, straying from their traditional musical forays. Thus was born Static Phantoms, an inspired collaboration where the two delved into a contemporary interpretation of the Cold War’s ambiance. Their creative process birthed compositions that varied from gothic introspections to breezy lounge tracks, painting a nuanced musical portrait of an era long gone.

In Static Phantoms’ synth-pop offering, “Something Bright,” one can almost glimpse the celluloid shadows of a John Hughes film never made. With effervescent synthesizers and ethereal guitar strains, the lyrics narrate the story of a protagonist adrift, yet irresistibly endearing. The song navigates a delicate balance — it’s tinted with nostalgia yet exudes hope, evoking a wistful yearning even as it propels listeners to dance to memories of days past.

Drawing inspiration from revered ’80s luminaries such as The Glove, Tones on Tail, Tears For Fears, and Soft Cell — artists celebrated for producing music that transcended the mere aggregation of instruments — the duo fashioned a suite of compositions amid the pandemic’s shadowy interlude. Their creative stretch ranges from rousing guitar anthems to evocative synth-infused melodies, and from introspective gothic musings to breezy lounge pop reflections.

“Something Bright” is a masterclass in musical artistry: with nostalgic synths reminiscent of OMD, the elements of 1980s PBS theme songs, vocals that blur the lines between clarity and dreamlike haze, a rhythm that lulls and entrances, and a chorus that swells with a breathtaking grandeur; sounding like an echo in time, yet firmly present in the now.

Listen below:

Something Bright is out now via The Record Machine. The song was mixed and mastered by Joel Nanos at Element Recording.

“We wanted to pull out the sonic tricks that made the 80’s such a rich period of experimentation,” says Nemeth. ”New Wave and Pop Music were often created by duos or trios that utilized the studio to create a vibrant and massive sound from a minimal amount of core musicians.”

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Alice Teeple

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