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Swedish Post-Punkers Then Comes Silence Release New Album “Trickery” — North American Tour Begins This Week



In 2022, just before embarking on their inaugural US tour, Sweden’s Then Comes Silence faced an unexpected reduction to a three-piece ensemble. Questions lingered: could their renowned darkwave wall-of-sound thrive with fewer members? The answer proved affirmative, prompting the band to embrace the streamlined lineup permanently for subsequent US and European tours, and now in their return to the studio. This unintentional evolution has sparked a fresh approach to music creation and live performance.

The band’s existential crisis also resulted in a re-assessment of their very raison d’être, and this is reflected lyrically on the new album. Then Comes Silence explain that the new LP, Trickery (out now via Metropolis Records), celebrates friendship, unity and the feeling of belonging to a group, a tribe. For the band, being part of the post-punk/goth community is a cherished privilege, enriched by a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere. Regardless of age, enthusiasts unite for the love of the music and the culture it embodies.

“Being a part of what many people call ‘the goth and post-punk community’ is a great privilege,” says frontman Alex Svenson. “After being on the road meeting people from the music scene for so many years, we have experienced a caring and welcoming community. Both old and young, some with a similar background and some just for the love of the music and the culture that comes with the lifestyle. No one is free from apprehension and fear. Everyone feels some kind of alienation to a certain extent. You might often think you need to camouflage yourself to feel part of a scene, to make a change to fit into the group. The need for friendship is strong, so you adapt. Maybe not always the way you hoped, but then… there are moments when we unite and harmonize with other people and feel an incredible community together. That feeling is priceless and a blessing. Friendship is love. It is important and worth fighting for.”

To capture the raw energy of their live performances, Trickery was swiftly recorded over a mere three days at Stockholm’s Kapsylen Studio. With Jonas Fransson’s driving punk rhythms and Hugo Zombie’s inventive guitar work, the spotlight remains firmly on Svenson, whose velvety vocals evoke echoes of the late Michael Hutchence – particularly in Feel The Cold.

The poignant Ride or Die expresses a theme of unity and loyalty, as two individuals navigate through the night together, bound by a profound connection. Despite uncertainty about the future, they pledge their souls and words to each other, embracing the notion of riding or dying together until the end.

Like A Hammer channels the eerie vibe of Halloween, whisking listeners into a world where faces vanish into the night’s shadows as its rhythm envelops. Amidst this darkness, souls converge like kindred spirits, underscored by the symbolic transition from day to night, echoing with hearts pounding like hammers, fueled by the raw intensity of passion.

While retaining their punk roots, Trickery incorporates essential electronic elements, lending a sophisticated and occasionally experimental edge. Those who love INXS, Midnight Oil, Killing Joke, Chameleons, The Killers, and Nine Inch Nails will find this album intriguing: the album features rollicking tribal drums, carnival samples, and shoegaze-infused guitars, reinforcing the band’s signature wall of sound.

“No one is free from apprehension and fear,” muses Svenson. “Everyone feels some kind of alienation in certain degrees. You might often think you need to camouflage yourself to be part of a context. Make a change to fit in the group. The need for friendship is strong so you adapt. Maybe not always the way you hoped. But then…  there are moments when we unite and harmonize with other people and feel an incredible community together. That feeling is priceless and a blessing. Friendship is love. It is important and worth fighting for.”

Listen to “Trickery” below, and order the album here.

Captured over three days at Stockholm’s Kapsylen Studio by Jörgen Wall (known for his work with Jay-Jay Johanson and The Hellacopters), this album was skillfully mixed by Tom van Heesch (renowned for his collaborations with Rammstein, Apocalyptica, and Backyard Babies). The finishing touch came from Svante Forsbäck of Chartmakers (credited with mastering works for Rammstein, Amaranthe, Ville Valo, The Rasmus, and Apocalyptica).

Following their debut eponymous album in 2012, Then Comes Silence released two more albums before unveiling Blood via Nuclear Blast in 2016. Machine saw a joint release through Oblivion/SPV and Metropolis Records in 2020. The band has graced stages alongside notable acts like The Fields of the Nephilim, The Chameleons, A Place To Bury Strangers, The Bellwether Syndicate, and Vision Video. Their live repertoire includes performances at Wave Gotik Treffen, M’era Luna, Amphi Festival, Castle Party, and W-Festival.

Commencing their North American tour on April 20, Then Comes Silence will be joined by Vision Video, Aurelio Voltaire, and Tears for the Dying. Then Comes Silence will be touring through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maine, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kentucky, Maryland, Connecticut, as well as Montreal and Toronto.

Tickets for their upcoming North American live dates can be ordered here.


  • April 20 – Parsippany, NJ @ Dark Force Fest
  • April 21 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Cattivo  *
  • April 23 – Rochester, NY @ Photo City Music Hall  *
  • April 24 – Brattleboro, VT @ Stone Church *
  • April 25 – Boston, MA @ Sonia  *
  • April 26 – Lewiston, ME @ L/A Arts  *
  • April 27 – Montreal, QC @ Bar Le Ritz PDB  **
  • April 28 – Toronto , ON @ Velvet Underground  **
  • April 30 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom  *
  • May I – Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Scheme  *
  • May 2 – Chicago IL @ Subterranean  **
  • May 3 – St. Louis. MO @ The Crack Fox  **
  • May 4 – Dubuque, LA @ Fox Den Motel  *
  • May 5- Milwaukee, WI @ The Vivarium  *
  • May 6 – Minneapolis, MN @ Green Room  *
  • May 7 – Kansas City, MO @ Recordbar  *
  • May 8 – Louisville, KY @ Art Sanctuary  *
  • May 9 – Detroit, MI @ Smalls  ***
  • May 10 – Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery  ***
  • May 11 – Hamden, CT @ Space Ballroom  ***
  • May 12 – TBA

 ****   with Vision Video
**  with Vision Video + Aurelio Voltaire
*** with Vision Video + Aurelio Voltaire + Tears For The Dying

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