Sparks Fly in Love Fiend’s Electrifying Homage to Sci-Fi Surrealism in Their Video for “Vacant Love” — Plus Interview

Los Angeles rock quartet Love Fiend has released their electrifying new single, Vacant Love, a tune that channels the infectious catchiness of early 80s power pop. With a commanding bass line propelling the track, it effortlessly whisks listeners to the core of classic rock radio. Love Fiend’s music exudes an electrifying, joyful energy, delving into timeless themes of love lost and won. Their sound is a harmonious fusion of guitars, synthesizers, and saxophones.

“Every now and then, we all feel it,” the band declares. “That hunger, that deep desire for PURE RAW ELECTRICAL CURRENT PULSING THROUGH OUR VEINS. One might say we all FIEND for it.”

Love Fiend’s simple, yet powerful lyricism paired with the melodic, synth-drenched rock ‘n’ roll is aptly categorized by John Peter Dwyer as “leaning fast forward into the reverse-future.” Imagine plugging Wreckless Eric, the Soft Boys, and Magazine into a 21st-century power grid. Their approach is like a high-voltage cable, buzzing with energy that’s both retro and shockingly new. It’s rock ‘n’ roll for the digital age, charged with an unmistakable modern pulse.

The band continues, “Some of us come into this world and only catch a glimpse of it, or hear a subtle murmur. They pay it no mind. But some of us, once we peak through that keyhole, spend the rest of our lives searching endlessly for that electrifying sensation, that POWER AND ENERGY! Vacant love is about that void, that empty black hole in the deepest recesses of our hearts, that longs to be illuminated –  to be ZAPPED!”

The single is accompanied by a hilarious music video directed by Taylor Thompson, which centers on a power-hungry lady perpetually searching for that perfect jolt. It’s a high-voltage tale of electrifying desires and currents of emotion, where every spark ignites a quest for the ultimate charge. Thompson’s direction captures the energy of a woman wired for adventure, always on the lookout for that next electric thrill.

Watch “Vacant Love” below:

Vacant Love is the latest glimpse into the upcoming LP, Handle With Care, an album set to bring the grit and moxie of an underground rock show straight to your speakers. With hooks that could catch a whale and 10 brand-new tracks, fans can forget their 9-to-5 drudgery and get ready to hit the dance floor with their fellow rebels.

Photo: Taylor Thompson had a few more questions for these rabble-rousers:

The music video for “Vacant Love” is certainly electrifying. Can share some insight into the concept and creative process behind the video?

We used a lot of film references, like Repo Man, early Terminator, and 12 Monkeys for inspiration. The original idea was basically a person who was constantly searching for a bigger and bigger charge or spark of electricity. But we handed that concept to director Taylor Thompson and DP Kuba Bojsza, who make incredible character-focused films, and the end product is a result of their imaginations.

You mentioned a deep desire for “pure raw electrical current.” Can you elaborate on what this means to you and how it influenced the track’s energy and vibe?

That was just some goofy ad copy. We are learning how to sell our music – HA!! The song is sort of about the hollowness of seeking approval from the masses, a pretty universal feeling in LA, from what we’ve gathered at least.

In what ways do you feel “Handle With Care” represents the current state of Love Fiend as a band?

The record was an effort to make songs that are concise, catchy, upbeat and package it nicely, bow and all. It’s less experimental that other stuff we’ve done. We wanted to make a back to basics rock and roll album, something that our 10 year old selves would have liked. We did our best!!!


Listen to more here or click the link below:

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