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Spanish Post-Punk Duo Catastrofe Club Debuts Video for “The World is Ending”

What better time than Yuletide to unleash a song about the apocalypse?

In a bold move befitting the festive season, the enigmatic Spanish post-punk duo CATASTROFE CLUB, hailing from the Roca Umbert Fábrica de les Arts in Granollers, Barcelona, has unleashed a new song about the apocalypse. The duo, comprised of Josep M. Herrera and David Molina, is known for their genre-bending music, blending voices, guitars, and programming with bass, keyboards, and more.

Already known for their three LPs in Spanish, CATASTROFE CLUB is now venturing into new linguistic territory with their first and perhaps first English-language song. This latest stand-alone single marks the culmination of a trilogy of albums, where the band has built a unique world, combining lyrics about synthetic obsession with a distinct visual vocabulary.

CATASTROFE CLUB’s approach to music is unconventional, marked by a mix of tragicomic sensibility, acid sarcasm, and unapologetic ruthlessness, all delivered with a personal sense of humor. Their three LPs showcase an eclectic universe where hypnotic rhythms meet electronic and dark textures, supported by synthetic, incisive lyrics and a striking visual language.

On stage, the band presents a study in contrasts, balancing somber music with subtly comic sarcasm. Embodying a DIY ethos, they control every aspect of their art, from music production to visual identity, album design, show conceptualization, and even producing live videos.

Their latest offering is the video for their new single “The World is Ending,” a surreal discotheque vision from another dimension featuring red-hued dancing girls and pop idols amidst apocalyptic imagery. The video complements the song’s pulsing beats, strumming guitars, and mechanical snare, with vocals that transport listeners to another plane.

Watch the video below:

CATASTROFE CLUB has been on a relentless roll, dropping three LPs that have carved their own niche in the indie music scene. First came Galletas, released through Molusco Discos in 2015, setting the tone for their distinctive sound. They followed up with Ejercicios de Vision in 2018 under Hidden DIY, showcasing their evolution. Their latest, El crecimiento infinito, dropped in 2022, also under Hidden DIY, cementing their place as a band to watch.

Beyond their studio work, CATASTROFE CLUB has been a fixture on various compilations – from ‘Monotemas’ by La Nada Colectiva to ‘Our Ecosystem‘ by Diffuse Reality, and even featuring on the Dràstik Punkaires compilation. But it’s not just about the records…these guys have been tearing up the live scene too, with around 50 gigs in Barcelona’s coolest spots – think Freedonia, Meteoro, Magia Roja, Heliogàbal, Taro, Continental, and beyond. They’ve rocked stages across Catalonia in venues like Jazz Cava Vic, Konvent Berga, Mister Mojo Tarragona, Els Pagesos Sant Feliu, Dràstik Granollers, and more. Not content with just their home turf, they’ve taken their act to Madrid’s Café la Palma, Fotomatón, Valencia’s Magazine Club, and Pamplona’s Txintxarri. Festival-goers might recognize them from various stints at the Minibeat Festival and Teorema Festival.

CATASTROFE CLUB’s third LP concludes their trilogy, exploring societal collapse with a mix of dark electronic, post-punk, and art-pop. The album, blending intimate atmospheres and danceable rhythms, uses sharp, spoken-word-like lyrics to underscore the fragility of existence in a world teetering on the brink of disaster.


Alice Teeple

Alice Teeple is a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. She is not in Tin Machine.

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