Russian Coldwave Act Музыка для грузовых лифтов (Music for Freight Elevators) Debuts video for “Грязь (Dirt)”

Russian Coldwave Act  Музыка для грузовых лифтов (Music for Freight Elevators) has unveiled their video for “Грязь (Dirt)”. The band, hailing from Moscow, also known as the abbreviated MDGL recently released their first EP after a series of singles, in which they shifted direction from their initial coldwave and post-punk sound towards more danceable and synthetic beats, inspired by the atmosphere of classic horror movies that they used to watch on VHS in their childhood.

Through their lyrics, the band tries to convey the corresponding sense of anxiety and tension, balancing between internal experiences of a lonely person and things that happen in the world around them.

The EP’s second track, ” Грязь (Dirt)”, is a song that aims to recreate the feeling of being suddenly overtaken by self-reflection. This motif, along with other’s on the record, seemingly make some tangential allusions to some the themes explored in Oscar Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray

The video for “Dirt” is by Moscow-based 3D and Visual artist Margarita Raeva.

Watch the video below:

“Грязь (Dirt)” is the second of five tracks From the EP/mini-album Портрет (Portrait), out now on Geertruida.

Order the cassette Here, or digitally via Bandcamp.

To hear MDGL’s more traditional post-punk sound, check out their previous release from this past May, which was a cover of Кино’s

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