Post-Punk Podcast Episode 3—Clan of Xymox’s Ronny Moorings Talks about the 4AD Years and More!

On the third episode of the Post-Punk Podcast music industry veteran and contributing editor Thomas Thyssen joins Editor in Chief Alex Baker for an interview with Clan of Xymox founder and frontman Ronny Moorings.

During the interview, we look back on 40 years of the band, beginning with their rare Demo EP Subsequent Pleasures, and discuss how with the help of Dead Can Dance’s Brendan Perry,  Clan of Xymox were signed to 4AD.

Throughout the interview, we also delve further into Clan of Xymox’s 4AD years. During this time, they released their classic 1985 self-titled debut album, featuring the fantastic single A Day, and Stranger, both remixed by John Fryer into dancefloor hits, as well as the and its follow-up Medusa.

In light of the recent release of Clan of Xymox’s Peel Sessions on vinyl, we also discuss the two recording sessions for John Peel’s radio show, which as legends goes, is how the Genre ‘Darkwave” was coined.

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During our interview with Ronny, we also touch upon how Clan of Xymox’s last two albums takes the band full circle, by both embracing the past and the future, especially with the remix collaborations with current Darkwave band’s such She Past Away, Ash Code, and Twin Tribes.

We can also expect a new album from Clan of Xymox out this year. In the meantime, find Days of Black, and Spider on the Wall, here.

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Thank you Jason Corbett from Actors for creating our intro music, Korine for creating our outro, and our Editors Frank Deserto and Andi Harriman. And of course, thank you to Thomas Thyssen for co-hosting this episode.

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