Post-Punk and Synth Pop Converge in Monta’s Spellbinding and Lynchian Video for “Looking Back”

Emptiness is open

Emptiness is life

Living as a being of light

Living a lie

Monta, a name symbolizing the pursuit of higher grounds, has been tenaciously doing so, weathering the inevitable lineup changes and fluctuations in the music scene. Founded by sibling duo Dedric and Delaney Moore, the Kansas City-based synthpop ensemble that delves into psychedelic sonics, melodic allure, and catchy pop hooks, often working alongside friends and creative partners.

Their sparkling single “Looking Back” is an electronic delicacy for the ears, graced with sumptuous synth layers and the warm, embracing lead vocals of Mikal Shapiro. It echoes the indie songstress heyday of the early to mid-2000s, unabashedly indulging in a nostalgic aura, yet simultaneously moving forward with those cherished memories. The song radiates an emotional warmth imbued with a longing to encapsulate the fleeting essence of youth and carry it forward, held close in our hearts as we stride towards a more radiant tomorrow.

The music video accompanying the song emerges as a captivating slice of surrealistic artistry, evoking reminiscences of iconic moments from Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, and Twin Peaks. While its concept leans towards the minimalist side, the spectral interpretation of Mikal Shapiro’s performance is undeniably stunning, casting a mesmerizing spell of beauty that firmly holds the viewer’s gaze.

“‘Looking Back‘ sounded to me like a David Lynch, siren-type of melody with dark, haunting, over and undertones,” director Brodie Rush reflects. “I immediately imagined what I thought the sound of the song looked like. Boom. We captured it quickly. Just like the thought, it all came together very organically. No resistance. Just thought and vision, technology and imagination, distilled…with Lip/Eyeball Easter eggs throughout. It was a lot of fun to make.”

Watch the video below:

The band is finding freedom at the moment, wherever it takes them.

Catch Monta at recordBar in Kansas City with Emmaline Twist, Carrelle, and Morgue VVitch on the 26th of May.

Order the Crystal Momentum EP here.

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