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Parisian Post-Punk Trio JE T’AIME are Shipwrecked in their Video for “Elbow Beach”

She is the daughter of nothing

She sings: come here, tender death

The Flying Dutchman awaits you

Watch out! the currents can be capricious

Is it best to flee when faced with a daunting dilemma? JE T’AIME, a Parisian post-punk trio, proposes this in their latest music video for “Elbow Beach,” a sorrowful story about a magnificent failure: a bad lover, a bad husband, and a bad father. To escape from this tragedy, his daughter knows that there is only one solution: to seek solid ground.

The lyrics recount a man going through a midlife crisis from the perspective of someone who has had enough of his antics and is ready to move on. He’s a ghost ship, a Flying Dutchman, as it were, ambling aimlessly with a ghost crew. Continuing to associate with this toxic energy is a one-way ticket to Nowheresville; it’s time to move forward and embrace new horizons.

ALBERT + MARION’s stunningly shot video, directed by Anaïs Novembre/JE T’AIME, depicts this coming-of-age crisis of faith, with the dramatic setting of a marooned shipwreck setting the stage for the young woman’s reclamation of self-empowerment.

Your past does not define you; you are defined by the story you create for yourself.

Watch the video for “Elbow Beach” below:

JE T’AIME is a Parisian act that fuses post-punk cold wave, conjuring a sound reminiscent of the great Factory Records era, sprinkled with the pathos of The Cure, suffused with hints of the Smiths. “Elbow Beach” comes off the album Aggressive, out now via Manic Depression Records.

Order the album here and listen below:

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