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Paris-based Songstress Julia Gaeta Explores Elusive Desire in her Spellbinding New Single “Hangin On A Dream”

In the chaotic twists of love’s darker chapters, where initial bliss gives way to tangled emotions, the sense of reality begins to crack. What we feel isn’t always what is. Paris-based singer, songwriter, and musician Julia Gaeta sidesteps a blunt portrayal of these somber themes in her latest EP, Blur Divine, released through A La Carte Records. Rather than dwell in the depths, she wraps these intense emotions in a layer of sublime delicacy, infusing them with a light, almost otherworldly grace.

With that in mind. Gaeta shares Hangin’ On A Dream.  “It is about coming to terms with your desires, and realizing you may have never had them fulfilled,” she explains. “You’re grasping at something and it slips away, leaving you hanging, confused, wondering. The verses were written on the spot in a studio in Portugal. This is a dual-part song, one that begins very intimately and floaty, and then swells deeper into a trance-like state.”

Gaeta’s latest work draws deeply from her personal experiences and the tales of her circle, yet the electric push-pull of gritty Paris nights seems to be her biggest muse. Her evolving view of the city suggests that our personal filters shape our experiences. Gaeta’s musical roots are firmly planted in the rich soil of metal, grunge, post-punk, and goth, with Alice in Chains, Depeche Mode, and Killing Joke leaving a lasting imprint on her sound. Yet, she doesn’t stop there. She seamlessly integrates her affection for the catchy hooks of ‘90s and early ‘00s pop and hip-hop, acknowledging the era’s flair for grand productions. Hangin’ On A Dream masterfully blends these diverse elements, with a nod to early 4AD’s ethereal flavour.

Listen to “Hangin’ on a Dream” below:

With her debut solo EP, Blur Divine, Paris-based American artist Julia Gaeta ushers listeners into a shadowy, nocturnal realm filled with introspective yet groove-worthy ‘unlove’ songs. Fusing sophisticateddark pop with industrial undertones and a hint of sultry roughness, Blur Divine delves into the distorted perceptions and fractured realities of troubled love—yet cloaks these darker themes in a fragile, almost ghostly light.

Blur Divine took shape in two distinct Paris settings during the 2020 pandemic lockdowns, shortly after Gaeta relocated from Berlin. The first was an eighth-floor sublet in a 1970s building, with the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery right behind and the vast Parisian cityscape out front. The apartment, with its faux leather curtains and an assortment of fetishwear tucked away in closets, had the vibe of a low-fi sex dungeon complete with questionable stains and a bed framed by mirrors. For Gaeta, this space seemed to echo a collective consciousness of both anguish and ecstasy. The second spot was tucked away from the city’s constant motion, offering a quieter, more introspective place to craft her music. These contrasting environments played a pivotal role in shaping the dynamic essence of the record.

Gaeta joined forces with LA-based producer Alex DeGroot, known for his work with Zola Jesus, for her album. Packed with powerful beats, warped synths, reverberating guitars, and Gaeta’s profound vocal range, Blur Divine hooks us swiftly and deeply, enticing us to tread a path into territories that are strangely recognizable yet uncharted.

Blur Divine is out on June 25, 2024.

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Julia Gaeta plans to tour her EP in the second half of 2024 and into 2025. She is also beginning work on an LP.

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