Palm Ghosts Debuts the Twice Dark Remix of “The Painful Truth”

As the sun rises over the ever-humming city of Nashville, a melodious announcement echoes from the hearts of Music City’s Palm Ghosts. With luminous excitement blazing in their voices, they share the news of their imminent record, a remix offering christened “Deconstructed,” which is set for release on the 21st of July.  Deconstructed heralds a thrilling new epoch in Palm Ghosts’ musical narrative, reflecting their adventurous spirit, willingness to experiment, and eagerness to harmonize with a variety of talented artists spanning the breadth of musical genres.

Led by the multi-talented singer-songwriter and producer Joseph Lekkas, Palm Ghosts resonates with a poignant melodic timbre, akin to an 80s prom hosted amidst a war zone’s uncertainty. This fusion of emotions and musical epochs has been pouring from the heart of Palm Ghosts since their genesis in 2014, drenched in a genre-blending cocktail of dream-pop, shoegaze, and post-punk.

The album’s first beacon, the mesmerizing remix of Palm Ghosts’ composition, The Painful Truth, glimmers with the artistic touch of Twice Dark from Bloomington, Indiana, known for their ingenious fusion of electronic music with industrial and darkwave sonics.  Their interpretation of The Painful Truth amplifies the spectral allure of the original melody, each note resonating with the heartbeat of Twice Dark’s singular artistic ethos. This artist’s vision sways seamlessly with the haunting beauty of the song, akin to a nocturnal dance under a moonlit sky, their remix amplifying the spectral allure of the Palm Ghosts’ original melody.

Listen below:

Palm Ghosts · The Painful Truth- Twice Dark Remix

Deconstructed” is not just a record; it’s a remarkable palette of sounds, textures, and emotions. The album pirouettes and pivots through an intriguing labyrinth of reimagined melodies, like a dream weaver spinning tales in vibrant colours of sound. Within its contents lies a treasure chest filled with meticulously fashioned remixes, each one breathing with an innovative spirit and infusing Palm Ghosts’ work with a new, vibrant life. This compilation underlines the band’s adventurous spirit, hunger for musical exploration, and willingness to let their audience witness their art from unexplored perspectives.

Each track is a unique creature, artistically and lovingly reshaped by a myriad of gifted artists. In addition to Twice Dark, the other international remix artisans include Paragon Cause from Ottawa, Canada, and the ethereal Dreaming of Islands from Malmo, Sweden. Adding a homegrown flavour are Nashville’s own virtuosos Gerald Josef, The Snipecatcher, and Travis Trevisan from Tape Deck Mountain.

Palm Ghosts, comprised of Benjamin Douglas (guitar, keys, vox), percussionist Walt Epting, Joseph Lekkas (bass, keys, vox), and Jason Springman (guitar, keys, vox), has a long history, beginning in Philadelphia with a more indie-folk sound and, following a transplant to Nashville, evolving into a more 80s dream-pop soundscape closer to New Order, The Cure, David Bowie, John Carpenter, and even Divine, by the time they released 2018’s ArchitectureNashville’s honky-tonk history may seem like an odd backdrop to a band more at home in rainy Manchester or somewhere in the bowels of Berlin or Bushwick, but it seems to also give the outfit a much bigger smorgasbord of creative license.

They also have a unique perspective outside of the usual societal bubbles in which to focus their lyrical content.

Deconstructed” will be available on all streaming platforms on July 21st. There will also be limited physical copies available on Bandcamp.  

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