NYC Dark Electronic Music Project Vexillary Debuts Video for “Insurrection”

In the tangled web of troubled intimacies, couples often find themselves navigating a complex maze of emotions, where words often falter amidst the chaos of unfulfilled desires. This exploration into the heart of human connections uncovers a realm where attachment ensnares as tightly as bonds, revealing a poignant tale of relationships strained by life’s caprices and the arduous journey of upheaval.

On that note, NYC artist Vexillary has just released a new single and video for the single Insurrection, off the album Horror in Dub.

Reza Seirafi of Vexillary brings a unique perspective to his music, rooted in his background as a chemist and perfumer. His fascination with the enigmatic interactions among diverse chemical elements—how they combine to create otherworldly scents and harmonious mixtures—mirrors his approach to music. This alchemical intrigue is evident in Seirafi’s production technique, where he intricately blends varied sonic components to forge a lush electronic sound. His music not only resonates with the spirit of EBM and Darkwave but also ventures to expand the genre’s horizons, showcasing a seamless fusion of science and artistry.

Insurrection delves deep into the treacherous dynamics of troubled relationships, as frequent collaborator Baylee’s powerful vocals drive the compelling track, exploring the emotional push and pull of entanglement. The song’s unique arrangement starts with a hard-hitting yet meditative exposition, building up to a surge of pulsating energy in its second act. With Insurrection, Vexillary hopes one can either rise above the tumult or embrace the fleeting joys within.

The self-directed video for Insurrection expands the song’s thematic scope beyond the realm of personal relationships, thrusting it into a speculative future where the essence of human identity and condition is under scrutiny. Through the adept use of VFX and the distinctive flair of analogue glitches (crafted by Glass Void), the narrative follows a protagonist navigating a hyper-futuristic landscape. In this emotionless techno-world, she embarks on a quest for self-discovery, seeking her authentic identity amidst the cold digital expanse.

Watch the video for “Insurrection” below:

Horror in Dub, Vexillary’s third full-length endeavor, masterfully fuses techno, dark wave, and dub-infused bass to craft an immersive journey into eerie horror, all the while preserving a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic. The album showcases Vexillary’s innovative production, artfully melding the raw essence of the human condition with the imaginative allure of body horror and Lovecraftian themes. Featuring the haunting vocals of Baylee, a familiar voice in Vexillary’s work, and the debut of Madishu, the album explores transformation, the human form’s fragility, and cosmic dread across ten dynamic tracks.

Horror in Dub serves as a poignant reminder that within the depths of terror, there exists a compelling allure and beauty.

Grab the album digitally here

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