NJ Post-Punk Act Painters Debut Video for Feminist Dirge “Blaming Shadows (For the Lack of Light)”

In recent years, American politics have become a battleground where the principles and advancements of feminism are increasingly under siege. As legislative and executive decisions unfold, there’s a discernible trend towards policies and rhetoric that seem to challenge the very core of feminist values—equality, autonomy, and justice for all genders. This political climate, marked by polarized debates and contentious policy shifts, is raising alarms amongst advocates and scholars who view these developments as a systematic dismantling of the hard-won gains of feminism. From reproductive rights, to equal pay, to protection against gender-based violence, the stakes are high as these foundational pillars of feminist progress are scrutinized and, in some cases, eroded, signaling a critical moment for feminism in America.

Today, New Jersey post-punk band Painters premieres the lyric video for Blaming Shadows, the second track off their 2023 EP, Divination.  The song punches up at cruel politicians and institutions who try to restrict women’s rights and freedoms. We hear shades of Chelsea Wolfe, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Garbage in its sound; Chiara’s commanding voice and melodic instinct lead the band’s forthright lyricism and fiery composition that makes their gothic dark-surf sound.

The video, using silent movie footage, was edited by Brian Blaknoise (MORIS BLAK). It’s chilling to think that in the hundred or so years since the original movie was shot, feminism has found itself mired in the same old quicksand. Feminism has evolved significantly from the flapper era’s challenge to traditional norms and the suffrage movement, through the second wave’s broad activism around workplace equality and reproductive rights, to the third wave’s focus on diversity and individuality. Today’s feminism, often seen as the fourth wave, is marked by digital activism, the #MeToo movement, and an emphasis on intersectionality, addressing the complex interplay of gender with race, class, and sexuality in the fight for equality. Nevertheless, we persist.

Watch below:

The 2022 debut LP Painters set the band’s tone for their range of beachy guitar matched with growling bass and focused drumming. The 2023 EP “Divination” sees them seek out a Synth-driven arc with heavy brakes and post-punk guitars crawling through it all.

Find the Divination EP on Bandcamp below:

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Photos by Chaotic Visions Photography

Alice Teeple

Alice Teeple is a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. She is not in Tin Machine.

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