Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Debut Exuberant New Single “Frogs”

Ushering in the week he knelt down

and crushed his brother’s head in with a bone

It’s my great privilege to walk you home

The tale of Cain and Abel in the Book of Genesis explores jealousy, sin, and divine judgment. Cain’s envy toward Abel, whose offering finds favor with God, drives him to commit the first murder, mirroring the unsettling symbolism of frogs in biblical lore. Frogs, symbols of impurity and chaos, descend upon Egypt in a divine plague, disrupting order and challenging the gods.

Both stories show divine reactions to human failings. Cain becomes a restless wanderer, bearing the mark of his sin, while the plague of frogs represents divine displeasure and chaos. These tales highlight the impact of defying divine order and the ensuing disorder.

Yet, within these dark threads lies a message of repentance and redemption. Both stories underscore the potential for atonement and the restoration of harmony, even in our darkest moments.

After unveiling the Wild God title track in March, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds return with Frogs, another single from their latest album, once again delving into Old Testament parables and infusing them with their delightfully bizarre spin. Frogs stands as one of the earliest compositions for this project, weaving in allusions to Cain and Abel. Cave’s haunting lyrics and the band’s evocative performance conjure a world where ancient stories of jealousy and divine judgment echo through the modern landscape. They underscore a profound truth: humanity’s dominion over nature is an illusion, and respect for its indomitable will is paramount.

“The sheer exuberance of a song like Frogs, it just puts a big fucking smile on my face,” Cave succinctly concludes.

Ours, too. It’s a bizarrely esoteric track, sure, but we don’t mind if the Bad Seeds invite that can-kicking Kris Kristofferson along – because after all, he’s coming down on Sunday morning, too.

Hop to it, and listen to the track below:

With Frogs, it’s evident that The Bad Seeds have found a new spark. Their music, occasionally nodding to their storied past, primarily ventures into uncharted territories, fueling their relentless drive forward. Likewise, Wild God showcases a band that refuses to rest on their laurels, driven by a spirit of innovation and a hunger for exploration. This is not merely a return, but a bold leap into the unknown.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are set to release Wild God on August 30th via Bad Seed/Play It Again Sam. The band—Cave, Ellis, Thomas Wydler, Martyn Casey, Jim Sclavunos, and George Vjestica—wrote and recorded Wild God at Miraval Studios in the French City of Provence and at Soundtree Studios in London.

Wild God marks Cave’s 18th collaboration with the Bad Seeds and follows the critically acclaimed Ghosteen from 2019. In addition,  Cave also worked on Carnage with Warren Ellis of the Bad Seeds in 2021. Wild God is a collaborative production effort between Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, with David Fridmann handling the mixing. The album features contributions from Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood on bass, with whom Cave toured last year, and Luis Almau on nylon string and acoustic guitar.

Pre-order ‘Wild God’ here.

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