Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Announce Uplifting New Album “Wild God”

So he flew to the top of the world and looked around
And said “Where are my people, where are my people to bring your spirit down?

Across the globe in countless mythologies, the “wild god” concept occupies a unique niche, embodying the capricious spirit of untamed nature. Unlike their urbane counterparts, these deities, with their feral hearts, preside over the primordial chaos of forests, rivers, and beasts, eschewing the trappings of civilization. From the frolicsome Pan of Greek lore to the antlered Cernunnos of Celtic tradition, these figures serve as conduits to the wild, their narratives steeped in themes of transformation and the perennial dance of life and death. They underscore a profound truth: humanity’s dominion over nature is an illusion, and respect for its indomitable will is paramount.

Now, Nick Cave adds to the pantheon with his glorious new single Wild God, the titular song from his upcoming album with The Bad Seeds – and it is a hymn of profound spirituality. Keep your Kleenex handy, this song is incredibly moving. Cave’s voice is as commanding as ever as he unfurls this complex, uplifting tune – part Americana, part European folk, part gospel, and brimming with euphoria.

…But never lose sight of what the wild god stands for.

With Wild God, it’s clear The Bad Seeds have been revitalized. Their sound, while sometimes briefly recalling their storied legacy, mainly pushes the group into new areas, enhancing their unyielding forward momentum. Wild God shows a band unwilling to dwell on past achievements and propelled by innovation and exploration.

“I hope the album has the effect on listeners that it’s had on me,” says Cave. “It bursts out of the speaker, and I get swept up with it. It’s a complicated record, but it’s also deeply and joyously infectious. There is never a master plan when we make a record. The records rather reflect back the emotional state of the writers and musicians who played them. Listening to this, I don’t know, it seems we’re happy.” He adds, Wild God… there’s no fucking around with this record. When it hits, it hits. It lifts you. It moves you. I love that about it.”

Be a wild god and give this a spin:

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are set to release Wild God on August 30th via Bad Seed/Play It Again Sam. The band—Cave, Ellis, Thomas Wydler, Martyn Casey, Jim Sclavunos, and George Vjestica—wrote and recorded Wild God at Miraval Studios in the French City of Provence and at Soundtree Studios in London.

Wild God marks Cave’s 18th collaboration with the Bad Seeds and follows the critically acclaimed Ghosteen from 2019. In addition,  Cave also worked on Carnage with Warren Ellis of the Bad Seeds in 2021. Wild God is a collaborative production effort between Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, with David Fridmann handling the mixing. The album features contributions from Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood on bass, with whom Cave toured last year, and Luis Almau on nylon string and acoustic guitar.

Pre-order ‘Wild God’ here.

1. Song of the Lake
2. Wild God
3. Frogs
4. Joy
5. Final Rescue Attempt
6. Conversion
7. Cinnamon Horses
8. Long Dark Night
9. O Wow O Wow (How Wonderful She Is)
10. As the Waters Cover the Sea

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