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Miami Post-Punk Outfit Donzii Returns with Hypnotic Disco-Infused Single “For The People”

Miami’s post-punk outfit, Donzii, triumphantly returns to the dancefloor with their hypnotic disco-infused single, “For The People,” which also serves as the title track for their latest LP, now available via Born Losers Records. Channeling the disco-funk essence of NYC’s late 70s No Wave scene, Balfe’s vocals glide with the same sultry confidence as Deborah Harry, Cristina, and Lizzy Mercier Descloux. Yet, “For The People” takes an unexpected, psychedelic detour with its ethereal synth embellishments and captivating guitar arrangements.

Listen to ‘For The People” below:

Born from 2015 jam sessions in a ramshackle ’70s suburban mansion, Donzii—named after an Italian speedboat company, with an added “i”—was formed by vocalist Jenna Balfe and musician Dennis Fuller. The Donzii universe has expanded with numerous supporting musicians contributing to their unique fusion of electronics, bass guitar, ’80s-inspired guitar, and Balfe’s hauntingly evocative vocals. Their latest offering, “For The People,” is a repress of the band’s two sold-out EPs, “Gladugly” and “Mines,” combined into one LP, and features two unreleased tracks: “Disco Rosie” and the eponymous single “For The People.”

The tumultuous path to their first full-length release featured numerous lineup changes, musical metamorphoses, a passionate love story between Balfe and Fuller, and, as they succinctly describe it, “principled denials of industry rot.” With the release of “For The People,” Donzii continues to defy convention and explore new musical territories, building on the foundation laid during those formative jam sessions in 2015.

Order the album here and listen below:

Donzii made their 2022 SXSW debut and licensed their single Sand for HBO’s The Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Previously, their single “Luxury Condo Theme” was featured in a Supreme skateboard campaign. During their Miami residency, Donzii supported acts such as New Order, Boy Harsher, Mr. Twin Sister, Eartheater, and Surfbort.

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