Making Time for the Roses — Dreamy New Wave Punks Sculpture Club Debut Video for “Drive Too Fast”

In the whirlwind of being a creative, let alone a musician, Sculpture Club’s Chaz Costello finds himself grappling with the passionate haze that accompanies the often fraught and frenetic artistic process. His reflection reveals a certain tunnel vision, a consuming force that blurs the world beyond the music. Within this creative vortex, Costello perceives his existence as intertwined, almost synonymous, with his bands, his life’s vitality channeled singularly into the pursuit of musical expression. This relentless drive has led him to ponder the parts of himself that may have been eclipsed by his unyielding focus on art.

Sculpture Club’s new Drive Too Fast discusses this arduous process. The song, a confession and a hopeful bargain with the self, questions the sustainability of this cycle and the longing for a sense of equilibrium, hinting at the possibility that, this time, things might just align more harmoniously.

“It’s about the insanity of creating and my unfocused drive,” Costello confesses. “The tunnel vision that can creep in and take you over if you don’t take the time to find the roses. Sometimes I feel I only exist inside of my bands and my energy for life is used only for that purpose. My focus for so long has been on music that I feel like Ive lost some of myself. And that unfocused mad dash to repeat the cycles may not be the healthiest choice. This song is an admittance to that and a plea to myself that maybe this time it will all be fine.”

The video offers a glimpse into the multifaceted world of Chaz Costello, capturing his dual life as both a musician and a visual artist. It oscillates between the electric energy of his live performances and the introspective calm of fingerpainting sessions, revealing the intricate dance between the abstract and the real that creators like Costello navigate in their quest for expression. In every frame, Costello embodies the essence of a true polymath, channeling whatever muse calls to him with unwavering authenticity.

Watch the video for “Drive Too Fast” below:

Sculpture Club has ridden a rollercoaster of triumphs and challenges since its inception in 2016. Emerging as Salt Lake City’s ultimate party-punk ensemble (now calling Dallas home), their electrifying shows, complete with a deluge of glitter, quickly became the talk of the town. Their hallmark: ending shows with a confetti explosion, all while laying down a rock ‘n’ roll groove that distinguished them and set the stage for their evolution. Costello’s signature sparkling guitar riffs and thunderous drumbeats form the core of their sound.

Blending the moody vibes of Echo & The Bunnymen with The Cure’s emotive melodies, Sculpture Club’s creative approach to songwriting champions the essence of community and artistic integrity. Their music is enriched with the addition of acoustic guitars, violins, and their signature chorus-infused basslines and intense lead parts, creating a sound that’s both nostalgic and fresh

Since dropping “Worth” in 2021, Sculpture Club has mellowed from their high-octane party days, adopting a softer, more nuanced edge. Yet, the vibrant energy lingers in the keen strum of their guitars, evoking memories of glitter-strewn floors. Their forays into darker, more exploratory sounds have matured into a reflective, shimmering melancholy. This shift represents a well-earned breather for a band that’s spent the better part of a decade setting stages ablaze wherever they’ve played.

In the wake of Worth (2021) Sculpture Club has evolved, embracing a newfound complexity through a more delicate and intricate approach. Their live shows, bolstered by a revolving lineup, have grown in depth and dimension, culminating in the release of a live album and a composition book showcasing their art and music. Amidst this transformation, they’ve shared stages with acts like Xiu Xiu and Soft Kill, all the while continuing to forge ahead with fresh material.

Sculpture Club’s S/T LP is out June 14, 2024, via Born Losers Records.

Pre-order the vinyl copy via Born Losers here:


  • Apr 17 – White Oak Music Hall – Houston, TX
  • Apr 18 – Ruins – Dallas, TX
  • Apr 19 – Vice Versa – San Antonio, TX
  • Apr 20 – Empire Control Room – Austin, TX
  • May 11 – Kilby Court Block Party Festival – Salt Lake City, UT

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