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Lust For Youth are Lost in the Forests of Sweden in their Surreal Video for “Giorgia”

“In the depths of a Swedish forest, a thrilling pursuit ensues. Hannes faces a relentless chase by two terrifying, ominous characters who prompt us to question: What power lies within us to conquer our inner demons?”

Just as lovers etch their initials deep into the bark of an age-old oak, Lust For Youth, the Swedish-Danish synth-pop collaboration sparked by Hannes Norrvide and Malthe Fischer, has delicately chiseled their signature into the monumental pines adorning the genre’s Scandinavian landscape, leaving their distinct mark on the international music scene.

Their latest offering, “Giorgia,” arrives as a guitar-laden anthem, underscored by a throbbing synth bass. This mesmerizing track conjures summer twilight’s ethereal warmth while fostering a haunting sense of unease and mystery. Intriguingly, “Giorgia” sees Hannes stepping into uncharted territory, crafting lyrics and lending his voice in his native Swedish tongue. This daring shift exposes a fresh level of vulnerability within Lust For Youth’s sound, further deepening their enigmatic allure.

The gripping visuals for the music video were captured within the secluded, verdant expanses of Skåne’s northern territories in Sweden. The clip becomes a surreal journey centered on our protagonist, Hannes. He finds himself at odds with ominous entities lurking in the timberland, creating an atmosphere thick with anticipation, suspense, and uncertainty. The darkened woods and their shadowy inhabitants chase Hannes in this thrilling piece of artistry that perfectly underscores the cryptic and immersive themes behind the melancholic track. Through the guise of a typical horror movie format, the threatening cryptids may also serve as a metaphor for the demons that chase us in moments of vulnerability.

Giorgia resonated with me immediately,” says director Alexander Brask. “Singing in his native Swedish, and the self-revealing lyrics about being caught up by mistakes of the past, and scrambling to come out as better version on the other side of the realisation. That transformation was the starting point of the video, and I wanted to express it by fleeing something or someone in a car. From there we went to a friend in the Swedish forest who happened to have a kitten mask, ATV and a broken cowboy wood-fired bathtub, and it all came together.”

Watch below:

Listen to the track below, and find it on Bandcamp here.

Making their mark with performances that grip the audience from start to finish, Lust For Youth has steadily cultivated a legion of devoted followers. Their irresistible live shows are a testament to their seamless fusion of dream-infused pop hooks, potent rhythmic pulses, and atmospheric synthscapes. These brooding, electronic vistas are signature to Lust For Youth, deftly balancing between the light and the shadowy realms.

In June, Lust For Youth will be performing at the iconic Sydney Opera House alongside HTRK, Croatian Amor and Yl Hooi, as well as two dates in Melbourne. More information here.

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