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Lost in Marseille — French Darkwave Duo LOVATARAXX Seek Solitude Amidst the City in Their Video for “Tilda Vaast”

In the quiet moments of solitude, where the world’s cacophony fades into a roaring whisper, a person can often find themselves grappling with a deluge of emotions. With its heavy cloak, grief can make the most bustling streets feel desolate, turning each step into a solitary journey. “Tilda Vaast,” the latest single from LOVATARAXX, delves into this poignant experience, capturing the essence of seeking solace amidst the urban sprawl of Marseille. Through the lens of our titular protagonist, artfully portrayed by actress Ayris Taban, Tilda’s introspective voyage articulates the universal yearning for a reprieve from the public gaze and a momentary escape from the relentless pace of city life while also reflecting the isolation of finding oneself uprooted and out of place in a new environment.

“Tilda Vaast” is an audio-visual poem that masterfully intertwines the gritty realism of Marseille with the ghostly strains of LOVATARAXX’s darkwave sound, capturing the essence of seeking solitude within the urban sprawl. The video, shot in the summer of 2023, takes us on a spiraling descent into the city’s heart, where the protagonist’s journey is marked by languishing in cafes, aimless wandering through alleys, and moments of respite amidst the urban chaos. Each frame acts as a brushstroke of inner turmoil, mirrored by the pulsating, synth-driven track, whose chilling melody complements the visual narrative, embodying the icy grip of anxiety like a cold sweat. This shared experience envelops the listener, drawing them into Tilda’s emotional odyssey of trying to assimilate or retreat within.

The song and video together reflect on the challenge of maintaining intimacy in the public spaces of Marseille, with the protagonist feeling out of place and longing to blur the boundaries of her reality. This passage captures the essence of those adrift, out of sync with the world around them, akin to a fish floundering on shore. The vastness of the sea also serves as an apt metaphor for the divide between the individual and society, highlighting the deep yearning for connection and belonging.

Director RAMATAUPIA’s collage of imagery weaves a tale of the internal battle one faces when personal grief meets public scrutiny. It also captures the alluring yet deceptive pull of new horizons that often lead to further aimless wandering. Through this artful portrayal, “Tilda Vaast” paints a vivid picture of the emotional and spatial landscapes we navigate during moments of introspection, making it a profound exploration of the dislocation of our souls.

Watch the video for ‘Tilda Vaast” below:

Formed spontaneously in 2013 on the Williamsburg bridge, LOVATARAXX has since woven rich narratives of cold wave and minimal synth sounds, channeling a maelstrom of emotions through their music and lyrics. With a discography that includes the releases “Hébéphrénie” (2020) and “Kairos” (2017), the duo continues to explore the depths of dark electronic and post-punk, enveloping listeners in a world of enchanting voices and haunting melodies. Their aesthetic, a blend of mythology, sci-fi inspirations, and romantic poetry, resonates through their live performances, marked by an electrifying stage presence and a seamless mix of languages set to high-speed beats.

As LOVATARAXX gears up for the release of their second full-length LP, “Sophomore,” anticipation builds with pre-orders starting this Friday. The album promises to continue their exploration into the shadowy corridors of dark synth and post-punk, further solidifying their place in the music world. Accompanying the album’s release is a tour that will take LOVATARAXX across Europe, with stops in cities like Lyon, Brussels, Hamburg, and beyond, offering audiences a chance to experience the raw energy and emotional depth of their live performances.


  • 12.04.24: Lyon, France @ Grrrnd Zero (Release Party)
  • 13.04.24: Nevers, France @ No Way Asso
  • 14.04.24: Amiens, France @ L’Accueil Froid
  • 15.04.24: Dunkerque, TBA
  • 16.04.24: Calais, Get Infos At
  • 17.04.24: Lille, France @ La Malterie
  • 18.04.24: Delft, Netherlands @ De Koornbeurs
  • 19.04.24: Dordrecht, Netherlands @Door
  • 20.04.24: Brussels, Belgium @ Magasin 4
  • 22.04.24: Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang
  • 25.04.24: Hannover, Germany @ Subkultur
  • 26.04.24: Leipzig, Germany @ Gieszer Fest
  • 27.04.24: Frankfurt, Germany @ ONO2 (Release Party Cold Transmission)
  • Berlin & Paris, TBA

May 2024:

  • 17.05.24: Torino, Italy @ Radio Black Out
  • 18.05.24: Roma, Italy @ Fanfulla

June 2024:

  • 01.06.24: Orléans, France @ L’Astrolabe

July 2024:

  • 06.07.24: Gent, Belgium @ Kinky Star
  • 13.07.24: Munich, Germany @ Katzenclub

July & August 2024:

  • USA, Canada, Brazil, TBA


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