Los Angeles’ Dreamy Goth and Post-Punk Project Wisteria Releases Debut Album “Never Waved” on Vinyl

We could die so young

Silhouette behind

Dying first so young

Is it what its like looking first for what it is you know

So aren’t we alike

Riding the wave of their 2020 debut, Never Waved, originally released via Detriti Records, Wisteria didn’t just step into the Los Angeles underground post-punk scene—the project has become an essential part of it, contributing to the city having one of the best scenes in the world. This is due to Wisteria’s knack for creating anthems for those who felt disillusioned with the ordinary, the hopeful ones, and the outsiders. Their music was an infusion of mesmerizing synthesizer melodies with a rebellious punk attitude, which became a rallying cry for those who yearned for something distinct and unique. These songs blend the ethereal with the electric, creating a nostalgic sound that’s like catching lightning in a bottle or, more aptly, in a synthesizer. Just as the wisteria vine clings to walls, pergolas, and fences in a cascade of vibrant flowers, Wisteria’s music envelops the listener, weaving through the fabric of the underground scene with an allure that’s hard to escape.

The opening track of Wisteria’s debut, Never Waved, weaves a poignant blend of hope and resignation, exploring youth, mortality, and the tumult of emotions through themes of loss, heartbreak, and the quest for understanding. The next track, No Disguise delves into the intricacies of love, personal challenges, and faith, emphasizing the acceptance of one’s destiny amidst the harsh reality of parting ways. Yet, it also portrays a fervent wish to forge meaningful connections.

In Place You Haunt, the lyrics paint a vivid picture of the struggle to break free from the confines of a stifling relationship, yearning for liberation while craving intimacy in the chilling embrace of uncertainty. Mirror focuses on the intricacies of interacting with others, shedding light on the delicate balance between expressing oneself and the readiness to receive, while Ceremony addresses the aftermath of a faltered love, using vivid imagery like burning diary pages to highlight the rift and the yearning for clarity amidst the emotional chaos.

Hold offers an introspective look at a fleeting yet intense bond, marked by a deep-seated desire to be seen and understood, revealing the profound emotions that linger beneath the surface of a transient affair. Tokyo transports us to a night of shared experiences in the city, imbued with nostalgia and a sense of companionship against the backdrop of life’s transient nature, reinforcing the hope for lasting connections.

Three and a half years since its release, Never Waved is finally available on vinyl via Disco Darks Records.

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This vinyl edition offers not just the original album but also treats listeners to bonus tracks like You and I, Follow, and Too Young to Die. Adding to the exclusivity are Your Ghost, and an alternative version of The Way We Die, making this edition a must-have for aficionados. The drop will be limited to just 300 copies on black wax, and includes a promotional poster along with the option to buy a limited edition Never Waved tote bag.

To truly experience the magic that is Wisteria, you need to find yourself in one of their gigs, amidst a sea of like-minded souls, as stages shrouded in fog became the backdrop for their dynamic onslaughts of sound. It’s there, in those live performances, that Wisteria’s music transcends mere notes and rhythms to become something almost tangible Over the following four years, Wisteria shared the stage with notable acts such as Mareux, Provoker, and Lebanon Hanover.

2024 is set to be a bustling period for the band, highlighted by the release of the EP Kiss at Dawn, and multiple tour engagements. Additionally, Wisteria is gearing up for the launch of a second LP later in the year.

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