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Los Angeles Darkwavers Male Tears Debut Video for Italo-tinged Single “Regret 4 Nothing”

You can’t believe what they say, they’ll treat you like a fool

It hurts me just to watch you follow everything they do

Well if you go out looking, you’ll find something so pure

You’re leaving me with nothing till I come down from the cure

Just a year after the release of their darkly intense album Krypt, LA-based band Male Tears has made a stunning return with an entirely new sound. The group has now expanded to include four members, with vocalist James Edward at the forefront, steering their musical direction from dark wave to high-energy Italo disco.

This transformation unfolds in the dimly lit nooks of a nightclub bathed in deep reds and magentas. Here, the charismatic James Edward takes center stage, adorned with ruffles and makeup that nod to icons like Steve Strange and Robert Smith. His presence is commanding, offering a masterclass in the captivating allure of New Romanticism.

Regret 4 Nothing, a standout track from Male Tears’ latest album Paradisco, pulls the band from the dark depths of goth into a whirlwind of ecstatic disco fever. The song is filled with sweeping orchestral hits, relentless disco rhythms, and a cascade of synth arpeggios. It wraps listeners in a cozy blanket of sweet nostalgia and renewed romantic flair, with a sound that honors legends like Miko Mission, Ken Laszlo, Lisa Lisa, Exposé, and The Smiths. This track is a bold departure that celebrates the euphoric highs of disco while nodding respectfully to its synth-pop predecessors.

While the music pulses with an ecstatic energy, Male Tears’ lyrics retain the gothic essence they’re known for, wrestling with external forces and inner chaos. The protagonist feels overwhelmed by the turmoil around them yet stands firm, unapologetic for their past and unyielding to remorse. They watch as others naïvely follow the crowd and express sorrow over the world’s harsh realities for people like them, continuously searching for truth and clarity in their rebellious stand.

The video, directed by Megan Ixy Sanchez, showcases the song in a typical goth club scene, with cameos from various characters in the Los Angeles scene.

Watch the video for “Regret 4 Nothing” below:

Paradisco features eight new tracks that delve deep into the realms of Italo disco, hi-NRG, and freestyle. This new album marks a departure from the darker tones Male Tears has explored over the past three years. With their quest for darkness now behind them, the band invites listeners to dress up and embrace the lighter side of life, encouraging a break from self-pity and urging them to cut away the unnecessary and stagnant.

The album is available in a variety of limited editions via Avant! Records, with only 250 copies each of light blue vinyl, yellow vinyl, and digipak CDs, along with a digital version. Fans can look forward to the release on July 12th.

You can pre-order Paradisco here

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