Proshay, which means “goodbye” in Russian, began in the city of Ulyanovsk in winter of 2020. Cold, dark, and mournful, the band’s second release, На самый черный день (“on the blackest day”), reflects the tumult and upheaval of the band’s daily lives as they are shut inside the Russian regime with no escape.

Released in May of this year, На самый черный день, is an emotional three-song EP that clings to sorrow and refuses to let go. “Листья” kicks off the EP with synths that recall the cinematic songs of Asylum Party or She Past Away–it finds that post-punk balance between danceability and heartbreak that we all love so dearly. Similarly, “Встретимся еще” retains that sorrowful dance but with heightened gloom, while “Без нас,” the final song on the EP, feels as if it was taken from the catalogue of Snake Corps or Pink Turns Blue.

Despite its brevity, На самый черный день is lush with emotion and complexity. Proshay notes that “all this will remind you of past emotional wounds and those moments when you uttered your first word with pain in your heart ‘goodbye.'” Melancholy, indeed.

The second part of the release will come out in July of this year and promises to be “an aggressive post-punk epitaph for unfulfilled dreams and hopes.” We cannot wait.

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