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Listen to the Shoegaze-laced Post-Punk of “Bloom,” The New LP from Italian Outfit Tiger! Sh*t! Tiger! Tiger!

Since their emergence on the scene in 2007, the intriguingly named Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! — a moniker so audacious it demands to be punctuated several times over — has been turning heads, not least that of literary luminary and master of the macabre, Stephen King. This Italian export, known for their compelling fusion of sounds and energies, has shared billing with an eclectic array of musical talents, from the noise rock of Male Bonding to the pioneering feminist punk of The Slits, the frosty cool Danish post-punk of Iceage, and the post-rock soundscapes of Mogwai. One can only imagine the backstage conversations, a delightful cacophony of genres and generations.

The band is set to release their new LP, Bloom, on February 23 through To Lose La Track and Coypu Records. TSTT’s music artfully merges their signature sound with new explorations, drawing deeply from the mid-90s American alternative, and indie rock vibe. Embracing the defiant essence of 90s alternative rock with a dash of shoegaze, their sound is evocative of  Sonic Youth, No Age, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. TSTT’s approach to music redefines the traditional song structure with their unique use of off-tune guitars and a rich overlay of feedback.

The band released a self-directed, languid video for Stones. (Special guest appearance by that IKEA rug beloved by musicians around the globe.)

Bloom highlights Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!’s (TSTT) capacity to expand their musical boundaries and captivate listeners. The album serves as a platform for the band to explore various styles, from the grunge-infused Dark Age / Dark Thoughts to the post-shoegaze influenced Endless. Each track is notable for its quality and creativity, particularly the intense rendition of Memory and Empty Pool, which is distinguished by its monumental, feedback-heavy guitar work. Recorded with the help of long-time collaborator Filippo Strang, known for his work with Kurt Vile, Bloom exemplifies TSTT’s unique noisy, lo-fi sound, marking a significant development.

Bloom will be released on vinyl and all digital platforms on February 23. Preorder here and on tape through Coypu Records.

Preview the album below:

In the autumn of 2008, Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! performed at the CMJ in New York alongside the legendary The Slits, and their single The Architects of Despair from the debut album Be Yr Own Shit was featured in the soundtrack of Lee Madsen’s film Hated. By 2014, their album Forever Young successfully captured the essence of TSTT’s vibrant live performances, marking a significant step in their creative journey with a more electrified sound over 43 minutes that resonated with the energy of their live shows. The band made notable returns to SXSW in 2011, 2015, and 2017.

Continuing this trajectory, Corners (2017) built on the foundation laid by Forever Young, yet ventured into diverse musical territories. It blended fuzzy indie rock with intense aggression, characterized by crashing guitars, anthemic riffs, emotional vocals, and exceptional drumming. The album’s high-quality production and the standout single Weird Times exemplified their songwriting skill while maintaining a raw and driving aesthetic.

Catch them on 23 February at Covo Club in Bologna, Italy.

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