Listen to the Scathing Industrial of Natalie’s Skin’s ‘Worthless” EP

In the wake of heartbreak and loss, Christopher Cruz found solace and inspiration to form Natalie’s Skin, an Industrial music tribute to a love gone too soon. Driven by the raw emotion of his past and the influence of industrial legends such as Trent Reznor, Alice In Chains, and rising stars like Lunacy and Mvtant, Cruz emerged from the haze to create a sonic sanctuary.

Guided by a MacBook, Logic, Ableton, and a Korg MS20, Cruz plunged into the depths of his musical psyche, weaving together the heavy-hitting sounds of Jane’s Addiction and the avant-garde experimentalism of the San Antonio underground scene. The result? A captivating collection of caustic sounds that has allowed Natalie’s Skin to share the stage with the likes of SRSQ and Korine.

Today, Natalie’s Skins debuts the video for “Worthless,” the title track off of their latest EP. The record kicks off with the hauntingly beautiful “Can I Die With You?” before plunging into the visceral vortex of the title track, “Worthless.” With its scathing vocals, abrasive percussion, and hypnotic guitar rhythms, “Worthless” is an unapologetic fusion of Skinny Puppy’s industrial edge and Filter’s gritty grunge.

The accompanying video is a disorienting, blood-red dreamscape that lures viewers into a nightmarish reverie.

Watch the video for “Worthless” below:

The EP continues with “Can I Come With You?” a five-minute-long odyssey of droning atmospheres, percolating EBM beats, and the guttural howls reminiscent of Sarah Taylor from Youth Code. The journey concludes with the pulsating, dance-infused Nothing System remix of “Worthless.”

Natalie’s Skin’s Worthless EP showcases the talents of Christopher Cruz, who contributed to the writing, performance, and production of the album. Anthony Patino lent his skills to the writing, production, and rhythm guitar sections, while Brandon Arriola displayed his prowess on both lead and rhythm guitar. Finally, Sam Wills expertly handled the mastering and mixing of the EP.

Listen to the Worthless EP below:

Connect with Natalie’s Skin:

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