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Listen to the Ethereal Synthpop of Madeline Goldstein’s “Other World” EP

Madeline Goldstein has released yet another devastatingly beautiful and enthralling collection of darkwave tracks, with her new EP Other World, via à La Carte Records.” Other World is seductive and arresting at its core. It is a brief but formidable artistic successor to her full-length debut. It stands alone as an enticing and captivating tour de force yet serves as a potent portent of more ethereal synthpop to come.

The EP commences with a chilling, rhythmic synth in “Seed of Doubt.”  From the initial bars, it asserts a relentless presence that persists, ominously looming throughout the entire record. The song encapsulates Goldstein’s unique affinity with Los Angeles. Much like her intricate musical arrangements, the city is a thriving metropolis teeming with opulent textures and raw grit, a paradoxical blend of density and openness.

“At its core it is simply about feeling out of place, whether that be in the city you’re living or just in a room of your peers,” says Goldstein. “And much like the name, once that “seed of doubt” is planted, it festers and grows, it always remains – it becomes something physical, and the spiral begins…I wanted to create a soundscape that was reminiscent of theatrical ballads from musicals and the most dramatic of 80s love songs…looking at the edge of your own desires but not being able to say what you really want,” says Goldstein. “It’s about not advocating for yourself, and the spiral of self-doubt in love and creativity.”

Death’s Door,” in its subtly sorrowful beauty, channels a dream-pop aura reminiscent of Goldfrapp, Ladytron, vintage Madonna, Kate Bush, and Bat For Lashes. Goldstein’s otherworldly vocal prowess seamlessly intertwines with the grandeur of synth-driven melodies.

Edges of the Lines” remains true to its roots, unfolding as a lavish and captivating ballad. It throbs with a rhythm powered by haunting, ambient synth undertones, as Goldstein’s stunning vocals ascend above, unfurling in an intoxicatingly blissful soprano that pierces the soundscape. It brings to mind Julee Cruise’s ethereal vocals in the Twin Peaks soundtrack.

Other World” enthralls its audience through a hypnotic tapestry of fragmented drums, resonant synths, and an ascendant soprano performance. Goldstein’s principal vocal line, executed with her characteristic grace, escalates in fervor as it approaches the exhilarating third act. The effervescent dirge revolves around the highly personal theme of Goldstein’s loneliness, taking cues from theatrical ballads from musicals and the most dramatic of 80s love songs. We hear elements of The Motels, Aimee Mann, and Tuxedomoon in this track, particularly in the sax outro that serves as a metaphor -and avatar – for crying. The track reaches its zenith as the backing vocal harmonies spiral and hover above the arrangement, paving the way for a remote saxophone to infuse a comforting warmth into the conclusion of the track.

Order the “Other World” EP here.

Madeline Goldstein, of Fringe Class fame, independently launched a boundary-pushing full-length album, “Forget This” (2020), and a recent single, “One More Day,” each radiating an airy dream-pop essence. Goldstein’s artistry vibrates with the vibrant frequencies of new wave, pop, and dark wave, injecting each note with heartfelt emotion. Her vocal prowess and fervor echo the power and drama of female pop icons and 80s stagecraft. As of last January, Goldstein was welcomed into the ranks of emerging artists at à La Carte Records.

Other World” is set to ride the wave of momentum that Goldstein has been steadily amassing throughout her career, involving extensive tours and landing desirable spots at prestigious dark music festivals, including Substance LA and Chicago’s Sanctum Festival, where she shared the stage with renowned acts like The Soft Moon, Kontravoid, and Lust for Youth, among others.

Madeline Goldstein will be touring in support of the release alongside More Ephemerol. Tour dates are below:

  • May 23 – El Paso, TX – The Reagan
  • May 24 – San Antonio, TX – Vice Versa
  • May 25 – Houston, TX – Black Magic Social Club
  • May 26 – New Orleans, LA – The Goat
  • May 27 – Gainesville, FL – Loosey’s Downtown
  • May 29 – Miami, FL – Gramps
  • May 30 – Orlando, FL – Will’s Pub
  • June 1 – Atlanta, GA – The Earl
  • June 2 – Asheville, NC – Static Age
  • June 3 – Nashville, TN – The Cobra
  • June 4 – Birmingham, AL – The Firehouse
  • June 6 – Denton, TX – Rubber Gloves
  • June 7 – Austin, TX – Chess Club
  • June 9 – Silver City, NM – Whiskey Creek Zócalo
  • June 16 – Los Angeles, CA – Zebulon


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