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Listen to NYC Synth Pop Outfit Bunny X’s Retro Wave Opus “Love Minus 80”

We’ve traveled so many lifetimes

That home means nothing anymore

But our sun hasn’t set yet – it’s not too late

Meet me at the 5th planet out from Mizar

Originating from the vibrant cultural hub of New York City, Bunny X has released their new sci-fi/80s-inspired album called “Love Minus 80” via Aztec Records.

Bunny X has been enchanting listeners since 2013 with their unique blend of Italo disco and retrowave melodies. The duo garners inspiration from the colourful tapestry of the 1980s, weaving elements from the era’s music, cinema, and overall cultural zeitgeist into their infectious tunes. They stand as a testament to the enduring influence of that decade, seamlessly blending nostalgia with contemporary appeal.

With their sophomore album, Love Minus 80, Bunny X embarks on an auditory voyage steeped in nostalgia. This is a stark departure from their debut album, Young & In Love, which was an upbeat homage to ’80s retropop. The new record navigates the murkier waters of introspection, presenting a series of thoughtfully curated, conceptually rich tracks. Drawing from a diverse pool of science fiction and fantasy novels, films, and TV shows, Love Minus 80 reflects the duo’s remarkable versatility and breadth of influences.

Opening with the effervescent “Love Is An Empire,” we are immediately transported to a cinematic universe familiar from our childhoods, yet fiercely modern. The Forever War is a song swearing protection from harm –  something that could be interpreted as a personal pledge or a political promise.

Breaking Away (Song for Chevette & Rydell) details the disappointment of a lost dream in a city that never fulfills its promises, and the desire to flee the artifice toward greener pastures. “Daydreaming” finds inspiration in films like Drive and Thief, as well as the intricate characters populating William Gibson’s revered science-fiction Sprawl and Bridge trilogies. This sonata of the subconscious uncloaks the secret emotions that lie in the spaces between two souls. Intimacy kindles a powerful longing, but the fickleness of fate keeps them at a tantalizing distance. It encapsulates the fleeting nature of unfulfilled love, composing a melancholic anthem for those emotionally adrift, lost in a world of twilight. “The Darkest Place” delves into the agony of losing a loved one and the Faustian bargains we willingly are driven to in order to bring them back. “Something To Rely On,” the titular track “Love Minus 80,” and “Good Love Gone Bad” continue the path of disappointment after betrayal and lies. “Chilba City Blues” is a breakup missive to a place that no longer serves our needs.

Overall, this effort from Bunny X is a gorgeous collection of earnest songwriting and deep feeling.

Bunny X’s deep-rooted love for the sci-fi/fantasy genre fuels their creative journey. This was apparent in their 2018 indie release, “Unknown Places”, a celestial romance encapsulated in a retrowave soundscape. Buoyed by its success, Bunny X decided to plunge further into similar thematic depths with Love Minus 80, thus consolidating their unique space within the retrowave genre.

Bunny X revives successful collaborations and introduces new alliances in their latest work. They reconnect with synthwave heavyweights SelloRekt / LA Dreams on two tracks – the gritty “Chiba City Blues” and the poignant “Breaking Away (Song for Chevette & Rydell)“. A fresh collaboration emerges with Don Dellpiero on the track “Love is an Empire.” Furthermore, they join forces with labelmates Thought Beings on the album’s eponymous track, “Love Minus 80.” Adding to this roster of noteworthy collaborations, they continue their productive partnership with acclaimed producer Gosteffects, reprising the successful synergy from their debut album.

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