Listen to Nuovo Testamento’s Perfect Late 80s Style Dance Album “Love Lines”

As avid fans of synth-pop trio Nuovo Testamento, we eagerly awaited the release of their second full-length album, Love Lines, which certainly did not disappoint.

Nuovo Testamento’s Love Lines is a love letter to the dance singles and albums of the late 80s and early 90s. Building upon the hi-ENRG, Italo-disco, and freestyle sound of their debut album, New Earth, the band delivers a collection of new songs that showcases their evolution as musicians.

Indeed, this latest album from the Los Angeles/Bologna-based band (Chelsey Crowley, Giacomo Zatti, and Andrea Mantione) channels the timeless spirit of 80s pop, breathing new life into it for a modern audience. The tracks are filled with orchestral hits, chime-y synths, and bright dance rhythms that create a classic and fresh sound. The rich synth and drum pads add depth to the music, creating a lush and sonic landscape that ignites exponentially with each listen.

But, while Love Lines delivers a nostalgic and familiar sound that harkens back to an era of sipping Orange Julius at the mall in Reebok hi-tops, this album is more than just a trip down memory lane; it’s a reaction to the complexities of romance in the modern age. It is an exploration of earnestness in response to social media insincerity.

The album begins with “Wildlife,” an infectious and melodious track that evokes the opening credits of a film from 1988. The music carries the listener away on a wistful wave of emotion, evoking a sense of hope and possibility. From the very first note, one is spirited away to a time and place where the world was alive with the promise of something new.

This cinematic flair is continued with vocalist Chelsey Crowley channeling the essence of True-Blue era Madonna with the romance first single, “Heartbeat,” a song featuring the 2023 film My Animal, written by Jae Matthews of Boy Harsher.

Watch the video for “Heartbeat,” produced by La Sombra Luminosa, below.

The next track is a glorious eruption of sound, as the album’s explosive second single, “Heat,” evokes the spirit of dance hits from the late 80s. The song’s groove takes hold of the senses, kindling a fire within and inciting the irresistible urge to move. With each beat and pulsating rhythm, the track transforms the world into a vibrant and dynamic dance floor, drawing the listener deeper into the rhythmic spell.

Watch the video for “Heat,” produced by La Sombra Luminosa, below.

“Get Closer” begins with fuzzy percussion that verges on hip-hop before orchestral boop boops launch the listener into a world of lush synth pads. The bright horns and flute-like melody add to the track’s captivating and ensnaring nature, weaving a tale of desire within the eyes that pulls the listener closer to the hands and towards the body, spiraling “round and round” into a tactile world of passion and longing.

The album’s title track, “Love Lines,” opens ominously with a juxtaposition of synths and conga drum beats, building a sense of tension and anticipation. As the music heightens, a dramatic melody full of urgency takes hold, inviting the listener on a journey fraught with risk and uncertainty. This song is about the perilous act of wishing upon a star for true love, knowing that it may lead to heartbreak and disappointment. The song’s music and Chelsey Crowley’s vocals and lyrics work in tandem to create a powerful and emotional experience that is impossible to ignore.

“Perfect Storm,” one of the album’s standout tracks, is a dark disco-infused delight that will surely become a fan favorite. Its dusky, impassioned vocals and infectious beat are catnip for anyone looking to lose themselves in the music and connect with a partner on the dance floor. The track’s magnetic energy is irresistible. One can easily envision a skilled DJ weaving it into their set, casting a hypnotic spell on the crowd and inciting a tempest of sound and movement.

The lyrics are about the singer inviting someone to take their hand and join them on a journey toward somewhere or something better. The song’s protagonist is tired of dancing alone and dreams of connecting with the other person but wonders if they are too blind to see the opportunity. This is an invitation and plea to take a chance, let go of fear, and run toward something new and exciting.

Building on the enchanting theme of starlit skies introduced in the album’s title track, “In My Dreams” is a mesmerizing synthpop gem that seamlessly blends high energy with emotional depth. The metallic clang of the percussion creates a driving backbeat that propels the song forward, reminiscent of the golden age of 80s dance tracks and capturing the unmistakable New Jack Swing vibe that defined the era.

The song’s evocative and emotionally charged vocals resonate with a powerful sense of frustration and determination as Chelsey sings of grappling with the intricacies of love and the challenges of both holding on and letting go. The dynamic dance rhythms and strong hook further enhance the mood of introspection and yearning, capturing the universal struggle to navigate the mysteries of the heart. The result is a captivating and moving sonic journey that touches upon human emotion’s rawest and most complex aspects.

Nuovo Testamento takes us on a journey from the depths of a New Earth to the infinite expanse of the stars with their second full-length studio album, Love Lines, and the closing track, “Heaven,” invites us to reflect on the transcendent power of the dance floor, showcasing the band’s more introspective and contemplative side while still delivering a solid punch with its club-ready beats and anthemic chorus.

The track’s shimmering synth accents create a hypnotic atmosphere, building to a boiling point with its intricate vocal hook. With the lyrical refrain “Sweat, wet, I’m in motion,” “Heaven” is a celestial hymn to the transformative power of dance. The song invites us to get lost in the moment, let go of our inhibitions, and embrace the pure ecstasy of the music. In short, “Heaven” is one of many masterful compositions that cement Nuovo Testamento’s status as one of the synthpop scene’s most exciting and innovative bands.

Listen to Love Lines below:

Love Lines was produced by sound engineer Maurizio Baggio (known for his work with Boy Harsher and The Soft Moon) and features vocal recording by Riki. The album pays homage to the legendary producers of the late 80s and early 90s, such as Shep Pettibone and Chris Barbosa.

Nuovo Testamento boasts a lineup of hardcore and dark punk royalty, featuring members from Tørsö, Horror Vacui, Crimson Scarlet, and touring members of Sheer Mag. In March, the trio embarks on an extensive North American tour as they support Molchat Doma, bringing their unique sound to fans across the continent. Check out the complete list of dates below to catch them live.

Love Lines is out today via Discoteca Italia.

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Nuovo Testamento Live Dates:

  • Mar 24: San Diego, CA – The Whistle Stop
  • Mar 26: Ft Collins, CO – The Coast
  • Mar 29: Milwaukee WI – X-Ray Arcade
  • Mar 30: Chicago, IL – Riviera Theater ~
  • Mar 31: Detroit, MI – St Andrews Hall ~
  • Apr 01: Toronto, ON – Phoenix Concert Hall ~
  • Apr 02: Montreal, QC – M Telus ~
  • Apr 04: Boston, MA – Roadrunner ~
  • Apr 06: Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer ~
  • Apr 07: New York, NY – Terminal 5 ~
  • Apr 08: Washington, DC – 9:30 Club ~
  • Apr 12: Asheville, NC – The Orange Peel ~
  • Apr 13: Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse ~
  • Apr 14: Orlando, FL – Plaza Live ~
  • Apr 15: Saint Petersburg, FL – Jannus Live ~
  • Apr 16: Ft Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room ~
  • Apr 19: Louisville, KY – Old Forester’s Paristown Hall ~
  • Apr 20: Nashville, TN – Eastside Bowl ~
  • Apr 21: St Louis, MO – The Factory ~
  • Apr 22: Kansas City, MO – The Truman ~
  • Apr 23: Oklahoma City, OK – Tower Theatre ~
  • Apr 25: New Orleans, LA – House of Blues ~
  • Apr 26: Houston, TX @ Bayou Music Center ~
  • Apr 27: San Antonio, TX – The Aztec Theater ~
  • Apr 28: Austin, TX – Stubb’s Amphitheater ~
  • Apr 29: Dallas, TX – South Side Ballroom ~
  • May 01: El Paso, TX – Lowbrow Palace ~
  • May 02: Tucson, AZ – Rialto Theatre ~
  • May 04: Denver, CO – Ogden Theater ~
  • May 06: Salt Lake City, UT – The Depot ~
  • May 09: Boise, ID – Knitting Factory Concert House ~
  • May 11: Vancouver, BC – Harbour Event Centre ~
  • May 12: Seattle, WA – Showbox Sodo ~
  • May 13: Portland, OR – Crystal Ballroom ~
  • May 16: Santa Cruz, CA – Catalyst ~
  • May 17: San Francisco, CA – The Warfield ~
  • May 18: Los Angeles, CA – Shrine Auditorium ~
  • May 19: Phoenix, AZ – The Van Buren  ~

~ w/ Molchat Doma

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