Listen to New Zealand Post-Punk Outfit The Pink Frosts’ “Unremarkable Product” EP

New Zealand post-punk outfit The Pink Frosts features Oliver Gaskell on guitar, Peter Molteno handling drums and production, Neale Willis on bass, and Hedley Dew lending his voice and keyboard skills. Unremarkable Product is a symphony of warm notes juxtaposed against stark outbursts and disruptions—a harmonious ballet of rhythm, infused with eclectic vocal stylings to match its diverse moods and messages. We hear shades of Magazine, Killing Joke, Anne Clark, and The Fall  in their sound.

In the vast spectrum that the post-punk music scene encapsulates, The Pink Frosts’ latest offering dances between intimate ruminations and incisive commentaries. Their lyrics traverse the poignant terrains of nostalgia, the perennial challenges of existence, and beyond. The album unveils with “Yarbles,” a sprechstimme piece that delivers a fervent proclamation atop a discordant backdrop. Transitioning to “A Smile Away,” the band dips into an Interpol-esque resonance, layering lucid guitars over a gritty bass pulse. “Unremarkable Product” delves into a spoken-word style once again, evoking the aura of Soft Machine’s late 60s psychedelic anthem, “Why Are We Sleeping?

Unremarkable Product seemed to evolve organically; a sonic conversation where a note struck by one would prompt a reply from the others. The tracks took form, further honed through performances before familiar faces and unfamiliar gazes. The EP encapsulates our spirited journey into uncharted sonic territories, fueled by a zeal for innovation. At our core, we thrive in the live atmosphere, and this recording captures that essence. Their goal was to echo the raw vigour and dynamism synonymous with The Pink Frosts’ live performances. ‘Unremarkable Product’ was recorded and produced by Peter Molteno at Sandbox Studios, NZ.

Unremarkable Product made itself,” says the band. “One of us would make a noise, the rest of us would respond. The songs fell in to place. Refined through performing them to both strangers, and loved ones. The EP serves as a concise package that exemplifies our joyous exploration of what will happen if we keep pushing ourselves to try new things.”

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Alice Teeple

Alice Teeple is a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. She is not in Tin Machine.

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