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Listen to Los Angeles Synth Duo More Ephemerol’s EBM-Drenched New Single “Secrecy”

In the resplendent depths of the mysterious, “Secrecy” emerges as the conclusive melodic offering from the impending More Ephemerol minimal synth magnum opus – Apotheosis Pageant. Today, it graces the realms of Bandcamp, and soon, on the 5th of May, it shall permeate the ubiquitous streaming platforms.

The enigmatic duo of C. Fjerstad,  (bassist of VR Sex), and the enchanting Tamara Sky, conjure an atmosphere reminiscent of the embryonic days of the Human League, Fad Gadget, and Heaven 17. In an evocative dance, they pay homage to the likes of Turquoise Days and Oppenheimer Analysis, their resonant frequencies weaving an intricate tapestry, transporting us to a realm beyond the ordinary, where secrecy reigns supreme.

In the realm of this Spanish-sprinkled, peculiar pop concoction, a melancholic phantom wraps itself around the listener like the tendrils of some insidious, invisible contagion. The song seeps into one’s consciousness with its hypnotic beat, as if the ghosts of retro-futurism have been summoned, pirouetting elegantly, their ethereal dance teasing; the steady, pulsating beat echoing through the very fibres of our souls. Beneath it all lies a cryptic missive; a foreboding whisper. The tune infiltrates the psyche, beckoning us to ponder the perplexing mysteries of our own artistic destiny.

“This is a nice juxtaposition from our last single because that one was very soft, while this one is quite hard,” says Fjerstad. “This one sits more in the industrial realm but it has no shortage of synth leads – the melody is still the most important element.”

Listen below:

The full album, Apotheosis Pageant, is out everywhere on May 22nd. The album was mixed and produced by Matia Simovich, and mastered by Josh Bonati. Apotheosis Pageant will also be getting a vinyl release through Fjerstad’s own label, Ephemerol Night Terrors.  Pre-orders are available here:

More Ephemerol will soon be touring across the American South, supporting Madeline Goldstein. Their homecoming show at Zebulon in L.A. will serve as their official record release show.

  • 05/23 – El Paso, TX @ The Reagan (w/ Korine, CD Ghost)
  • 05/24 – San Antonio, TX @ Vice Versa
  • 05/25 – Houstin, TX @ Black Magic Social Club
  • 05/26 – New Orleans, LA @ The Goat
  • 05/27 – Gainesville, FL @ Loosey’s
  • 05/29 – Miami, FL @ Gramps
  • 05/30 – Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub
  • 06/01 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
  • 06/02 – Asheville, NC @ Static Age
  • 06/03 – Nashville, TN @ The Cobra
  • 06/04 – Birmingham, AL @ The Firehouse
  • 06/06 – Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves
  • 06/07 – Austin, TX @ Chess Club
  • 06/09 – Silver City, NM @ Whiskey Creek Zocalo
  • 06/10 – Phoenix, AZ @ TBA
  • 06/16 – Los Angeles, CA @ Zebulon (DOUBLE RECORD RELEASE SHOW)

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