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Listen to Dream Pop Outfit The Mystery Plan’s “Haunted Organic Machines” and More!

The Mystery Plan materializes from the vibrant underbelly of North Carolina’s indie scene, showcasing their eighth opus, ‘Haunted Organic Machines,‘ distributed by 10mm Omega Recordings. This release marks the band’s thirteenth substantial offering to the realm of indie pop, continuing their visionary journey. Within the album’s sonic terrain, listeners are whisked away on a multidimensional ride through nebulous dance anthems and hauntingly atmospheric dream pop — a melange of musical mystique that leaves one shrouded in a fog of spectral melodies and rhythmic illusions. The Mystery Plan proves their unrelenting commitment to pushing boundaries, threading the cosmic dance-floor with a ghostly dreamscape.

This succulent, harmonious feast of bliss-pop introduces a voice sample from the illustrious Erykah Badu, only amplifying the resplendent resonance of the music. The echo of this tune was not allowed to fade before being followed by the single “Big Bliss”. Here, Amy Herring lends her enchanting vocals.

The rest of the album offers gems galore in an eclectic kaleidoscope of sound: standout tracks include the expansive, psychedelic “Innerspace.” which straddles a gossamer line between futurism and the hypnotic chant of medieval choral arrangements, bringing to mind Mutations-era Beck. “Late Night” introduces a little bossa-nova flavour and a sultry saxophone howling through the mists of the evening, if Sérgio Mendes had joined forces with Tuxedomoon.

Embracing an audacious fusion of indie pop and electronic reverberations, The Mystery Plan has unveiled a duo of engaging visuals for the tracks “Big Bliss” and “What A Day (Disco)”. Crafted with the essence of their distinct sonorous palette, these videos add a captivating dimension to their inventive sound. These video companions, swathed in intrigue, demonstrate  The Mystery Plan’s ability to carve out an intriguing narrative in their music, forging a compelling dialogue between the sonic and the visual realms.

In the enigmatic ‘Big Bliss,’ directed by the visionary Jason Herring, the aesthetic language weaves an exquisite synergy with the song’s transcendent, celestial harmonies. The cinematic journey immerses the viewer in a swirling cosmos of oneiric imagery – a fluid ballet of visuals akin to the ephemeral snapshots that populate our dreamscapes.

In a triumphant divergence from the shadowy chord orchestrations of Big Bliss, “What A Day (Disco)” emerges, pulsating with an electrifying vibrance. The track embarks on a rich exploration of the House and EBM spectrum, graced with enchanting vocals that soar over its rhythmic undulations. The accompanying visuals for the song paint a surreal dreamscape that is a far cry from the obsidian confines of hyperspace in Big Bliss.

Instead, we’re greeted with a summery tableau – a vast field, wildflowers swaying rhythmically to the invisible orchestra of the breeze, bathed in the warm glow of sparkling sunbeams. The song, a truly delightful composition, finds its residence in the loftier frequencies. It twinkles with the unexpected, yet entirely fitting inclusion of a buoyant flute melody, weaving in and out of the groove. There’s a 1970s “free to be you and me” spirit in this one.  We also hear elements of Basement Jaxx, Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, and Groove Armada.

With their inception dating back to 2010, The Mystery Plan emerged as a trailblazing duo, featuring the dynamic creative combination of Jason Herring and Paul Jensen – the latter of whom boasts an illustrious history with Fetchin’ Bones and the Interstellars.

In a compelling twist of fate, the duo expanded its ranks with the addition of Jason’s wife, the enchantingly talented Amy Herring, solidifying the group’s signature style. As time passed, the unit morphed into a potent ensemble, ultimately welcoming the distinctive talents of Otis Hughes, Patty McLaughlin Thomas, and Jefferson Chester into the fold. This meticulously curated line-up fortifies the essence of The Mystery Plan, who continue to explore and experiment in their relentless pursuit of post-punk excellence.

While The Mystery Plan’s last few records were co-produced and mixed by the legendary John Fryer (4AD, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, Nine Inch Nails, Love & Rockets), this album was produced by Jason Herring and Rob Tavaglione.

‘Haunted Organic Machines‘ is available, both digitally and on CD. Order Here.

The ‘What A Day’ EP is also available via Spotify, Apple Music, and to Order Here.

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