Listen to Cautionary Tales’ Doom-laden Dark Folk Lament “No Funeral Blues”

So silence the pianos and muffle all the drums

There can be no answers

no matter how corrupt our world becomes

Cautionary Tales, an innovative art-rock alliance, has emerged from the creative depths of Berlin, bearing roots that stretch to the far corners of New Zealand and the bustling streets of NYC. This global convergence of creativity is led by the unmistakable prowess of Will Marshall, a lyric architect wielding a powerful baritone that effortlessly commands attention.

The term “cautionary tales”  is synonymous with the age-old narrative tradition of tales intended as dire warnings and life lessons. These are stories that have been woven into the fabric of our cultures and societies, from timeless fables and Greek epics to contemporary horror flicks. They chart the myriad paths that life might veer off-course, unfolding tales of tragedy or comedy alike. Drawing inspiration from this enduring storytelling form, Cautionary Tales offers the dynamic “No Funeral Blues,” a debut single that can only be described as a richly surreal symphony of eclectic musical flavors.

Like the ancient tales of caution that form the core of their inspiration, Cautionary Tales’ music underscores the infinite ways in which life can take unexpected turns. “No Funeral Blues” – clocking in at eight minutes – is storytelling at its finest, brave in its stylistic diversity, and unapologetic in its narrative richness. We hear the influences of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and Anne Clark here, as Marshall weaves between chant and spoken word with a minimal, eerie synth backing – but there is a progressive, psychedelic bend to this extraordinary performance as well, verging on The Wall-era Pink Floyd.  The brilliance of Will’s lyricism casts a shadowy, comedic spell against the musical canvas as his stories unfold into a darkly humorous commentary on the absurdities and foibles of life.

No Funeral Blues” is out now via Siren Song Records on all streaming services. Listen below:

The band – Will Marshall (vocals, keyboards), Karl Weber (guitar, backing vocals), Martyn Matthews (synthesizers, Rhodes, Hammond), Taylor Mallo (bass) and David Binnie (drums) – treads on the vast canvas of artistic expression, pulling together seemingly disparate elements into a cohesive, riveting experience. Their aesthetic is steeped in the diverse hues of modern art-rock, taking inspiration from the esoteric narratives of Greek mythology and the thoughtful complexity of modernist poetry.

With a brave leap into the experimental fringes of electronic music, Cautionary Tales weave an intricate tapestry of sound that refuses to conform to the norm.  There is a unique essence of rebellion and innovation in their work: this daring spirit challenges conventions and transcends boundaries in a world saturated with formulaic sounds.

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Alice Teeple

Alice Teeple is a photographer, multidisciplinary artist, and writer. She is not in Tin Machine.

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